Tomorrow Victory (2015) at the Half – So Far Still Good!

Tomorrow Victory (2015)

One of the great things about the availability of daily dramas beginning in 2015 is that so many dramas are getting subbed more than ever. First, we had KBSWorld and several dailies being made available on YouTube. Last year, we had the new website called OnDemandKorea which is sponsored by MBCAmerica coming online. Even DramaFever has finally returned to make daily dramas available on their website. As a result of this, the number of daily dramas with English subtitles has grown at such a rate that me and my daily drama buddy, Nelly, is finding is harder to watch the usual drama fare! Incredible! But who’s complaining? Read on… Continue reading

Movie Monday – Love Fiction (2012)

Starring: Ha Jeong Woo as Ku Joo Wol, Gong Hyo Jin as Lee Hee Jin, Ji Jin Hee as Joo Ro, Park Yeong Soo as Yeong-sik, Yoo In Na as Soo Jeong, Jo Hee Bong as Publisher Kwak, and Lee Byung Joon as Multi character man

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter

Running Time: 121 min

Twinkies: 4 stars Continue reading

Daily Drama Heaven? Or Hell? Dilemma for 2016

My Son In Law's Woman The Promise Witch's Castle Bird That Doesn't Cry All Is Well The Stars Are Shining

My Son In Law’s Woman
The Promise
Witch’s Castle
Bird That Doesn’t Cry
All Is Well
The Stars Are Shining

Something happened for 2015; no, actually it started earlier when KBSWorld started making more and more dramas available via their YouTube Channel. The powers that be at the networks (at least one) realized just how many non-Koreans were interested in their daily dramas! Read On… Continue reading

My Top 10 Movies for 2015

My Top 10 Movies Watched for 2015

Here it is February and I just realized that I never posted about my favorite movies for 2015! Even I am shocked! I really have no excuse as I was off for 3 weeks into January; however, I did spend a lot of time reviewing the Japanese dramas that I liked last year. So, before I forget everything, here is my top movies for 2015 that I watched in no particular order. Read on… Continue reading

Drama Review: Evil Minds (2015)~If You Dare!!!!!

Evil Minds (2015)

Nothing could have prepared me for this drama. Nothing! No one was talking about it! Just so happened that my drama twinnie and I noticed it on the same day (that’s why we are twins) and both watched the first episode. She said watch it, I told her I was about to. Over a 3-4 day period, we had watched the entire drama, all 24 episodes and we were totally enthralled, immersed into the madness, and completely hooked! Read on… Continue reading

Movie Monday – For Love or Money (2014)

Starring: Rain as Xu Cheng Xu, Liu Crystal as Xing Lu, Chen Joan as Mother Xu, On Andy as Brother Lian, Li Yan Xi as Xiao Ding, and Tang Tiffany as Ming Zhen

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter and some adult content

Running Time: 98 min

Twinkies: 3 stars (being slightly generous) Continue reading