Movie Monday – The Priests (2015)

Starring: Kim Yoon Suk as Father Kim, Kang Dong Won as Deacon Choi, and Park So Dam as Yeong-sin

Rating: PG-13, subject matter

Running Time: 105 min

Twinkies: 4 stars

Synopsis: A young girl who belongs to Father Kim’s parish becomes comatose after a hit-and-run accident. Father Kim and a rebellious young seminarian named Choi believe that she is possessed by an evil spirit. When they try to free her from the demon’s powerful hold, they realize that this nameless evil is far more dangerous than they ever thought.

Musings: First of all, I wanted to make sure anyone who watches this movie is prepared for the subject matter. When I went to watch this at the theater…by myself, I was totally unaware and unprepared for what was going to be on the big screen. Why? Here is the synposis on a lot of sites: “To save a girl in danger, a priest and deacon jump into a mysterious case.”

As a HUGE fan of Kang Dong Won, I had it in my head that I was going to see this movie. So, I combined a work day with a movie day and let’s just say I’m glad I was alone and in the back just in case I had to run out the door…not kidding.

This movie was a combination of Exorcist (1973) meets Constantine (2005). There was enough horror, vomit spewing, evil possession to scare those that aren’t a fan of this genre. Horror? Not my usual fare. However, for my favorite movie actor, Kang Dong Won, I bit the proverbial bullet and continued to watch what was a pretty decent movie. Though the subject matter is about evil possession, it wasn’t too far over the top that I would lose sleep.

Some of us are familiar with the rites of exorcism in either films or readings; however, it was the scenes of the shaman ritual that fascinated me and represented the first time ever seeing one like this! Sure, we have seen shamans represented in dramas and an occasional movie but nothing of this magnitude! The shaman exorcism ritual reminded me so much of what I have seen in U.S movies of voodoo rituals especially in the Southern Louisiana, I was literally stunned and fascinated with the whole scene! I wish I could have found some pictures! But alas, you’ll have to watch the movie to see it! Very fascinating indeed!

The acting was as you would expect from two wonderful actors. Kim Yoon Suk (Father Kim) and Kang Dong Won (Deacon Choi) owned the screen and brought forth their characters effectively. This movie is dark, make no mistake about that. I liked the use of minimal lighting that made sure you never forgot what this movie was about. This movie also enlightened me to the presence of the Catholic Church. As we generally see films that feature Buddhism, it was interesting to see that the church even has its reaches into the Korean peninsula! This I didn’t know!

While others opinion of this movie will vary from mine, take it from someone that read/watched The Exorcist, this movie grabbed my senses, scared me at times but kept my interest from the beginning until the end. Good job! This has to be the first horror movie in ages that I ever watched until the end!

So what was the pig for? You have to watch the movie!!

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is not available on streaming websites yet but stay tuned!

Happy 35th Birthday, Kang Dong Won!! No more calls from me to do dramas, just continue doing GREAT movies!!!

Iā€™m available on Twitter. Thanks to all of you Twinkles out here who are taking the time to read! If you have a suggestion for a future review, just leave me a comment! I’m always happy to have movie suggestions.


6 thoughts on “Movie Monday – The Priests (2015)

    • I didn’t know. No, this wasn’t R for me. There wasn’t much language, the possession scenes were limited to the last half of the movie and NOTHING like The Exorcism. If it had, I would have exited the theater lickety split!

  1. Yep the Catholic Church is there and also the Baptist are big there. It sounds like something I would not care for. But it does have the two heavy weight of the Korean movie world in it. Like both of the actors. My poor Yobo had the something scared out of you hehe. Take care hugs!!

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