Painless (2015) – Episode 10 and Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of the drama and all of the Fall season shows are ending; Painless ended as you expected. There were no surprises and I found the ending to be quite tame. However, I will not say I was disappointed by the entire drama. For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 10
Aired December 9, 2015

As you would expect, the news of Hayase shooting Ibara doesn’t go over very well. Satomi reaction is as expected. Everyone is shocked but Dr. Tameyori isn’t totally convinced that Ibara is dead even though he fell into the water.

The next day, Dr. Tameyori asks Hayase whether Ibara’s body has been found but so far he hasn’t shown up. We later see a scene with Ibara wading out of the water seriously hurt but as expected he is not in pain. Dr. Tameyori insists that Ibara’s actions were beyond his control and tries to show Hayase the data. As usual, Hayase’s intent is simply to kill Ibara. I mean, when has this man listened to reason? There may be a slight spark of consciousness which what Dr. Tameyori is saying sinks in. But who knows with Hayase. He is as unpredictable as Ibara.

Dr. Tameyori goes to the hospital in search of Dr. Shirokami. The secretary has no idea where he has gone since the hospital has closed and all the patients have been moved to different facilities. Before Dr. Tameyori leaves the office, he leaves the USB with the data on desk. Before the scene ends, we see the secretary (who I’ve always felt was in love with Dr. Shirokami) is distraught about his disappearance and gets this weird look in her face minutes before she grabs a scalpel off an instrument table.

That evening, Dr. Tameyori, Dr. Takashima Namiko, Satomi, and Kaori are eating dinner. Satomi is still upset with the shooting and disappearance of Ibara but everyone is trying to cheer her up regardless.

It is after dinner that the Dr. Shirokami’s secretary shows up at the Tameyori clinic and home. The woman who I have said was in love with Dr. Shirokami and definitely has a screw (mental) loose. The next thing we know, she takes out the scalpel and tries to attack Dr. Takashima Namiko with it. Dr. Tameyori wrestles the scalpel away and the police arrive and take her away.

Later the next day, Dr. Shirokami shows up at the now closed hospital. He sees the USB on the desk and picks it up. Later we see Dr. Tameyori and Hayase confronting him about his involvement with Ishikawa family and the fact that they believe he orchestrated their death. Hayase, being Hayase, pulls out his gun and shoots at Dr. Shirokami hitting the window behind him. Seconds later, Ibara walks in and confronts Dr. Shirokami in tears about what he made him do. Next thing we see is a distraught Ibara rushing towards Dr. Shirokami and they both fly out the slightly broken window to the pavement below to their deaths.

Final Thoughts: I admit that I didn’t find the ending as strong because everything was already revealed by episode 10. I would have liked to see a reformed Hayase at the end but I didn’t see that as a possibility based on what was revealed. I also would have liked to see Satomi leading a normal life (or near normal) but I guess that was also left to our imagination. As far as Dr. Tameyori, his final scenes left me wondering just what they were trying to convey to us. Overall, all the actors gave a strong performance. I was already a big fan of Nishijima Hidetoshi (thank you Boku to Star no 99 Nichi) but this drama added me to the fandom of Ito Hideaki and Nakamura Aoi. I’m already going back to watch other works by both actors. Ito Atsushi’s portrayal of Hayase was definitely a character you love to hate. This drama is one for us fans of Detective, Medical Mystery. My final rating is 8.5/10

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