Painless (2015) – Episode 9

I don’t believe anyone who has watched this from the beginning is surprised by the outcome. First, Detective Hayase and his inability to listen to anyone-check. Dr. Shirokami and his involvement in Ibara’s actions-check. The chase after Ibara and Satomi-check. Dr. Tameyori coming to the realization of what is truly going on-check. As the drama heads to the finale, not sure we are going to be in for many surprises…or are we? For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 9
Aired December 2, 2015

Tameyori Eisuke (Hidetoshi Nishijima), Hayase Junichiro (Atsushi Ito), Takashima Namiko (Anna Ishibashi), and Shirokami Youji (Hideaki Ito) are all in the director’s office after the police come to say that not only that Ibara had escaped but was believed to have come to the hospital. A fleeing Ibara (Aoi Nakamura) has once again visited Dr. Shirakami who tells him that he is no longer of use to him and so Ibara again disappears. In addition, Minami Satomi (Hamabe Minami) is also no longer in her room when Drs. Tameyori and Namiko check. All they find is a mobile phone with blood on the floor of the hospital room. They both determine that Ibara has kidnapped Satomi, and the police request an emergency blockade on nearby roads.

Later that night, we see Dr. Shirokami, who has remained in his director’s office who notices what looks like Ibara’s blood on one of the desk drawers. When he opens the desk drawer, Dr. Shirokami realizes his USB memory disk is gone. Meanwhile, Ibarra asks Satomi what she saw at the Ishikawa family murder scene. Satomi tells him that he was there and he killed the family but Ibara has no memory of it. The two have escaped the area while hiding in the back of a truck bed.

 The next morning, Dr. Tameyori visits Dr. Tamiko at the Shirokami Medical Hospital. They discuss the fact that the blood found on Satomi’s mobile phone was not hers but Ibara. They both discuss the fact that they do not believe that Ibara will hurt Satomi regardless of the current situation. Dr. Tameyori and his sister-in-law, Kazue Inoue (Miyoko Asada) also speak about the kidnapped Satomi but Dr. Tamiko still doubts that it was even a kidnapping. In hiding, Satomi’s vague memories of Ishikawa family killings and of her drawings are coming back to her.

Dr. Tameyori is concerned about the painless treatment and pills that Ibara has been taking. He remembers back when Dr. Shirakami had Ibara in his office and he gave him the pills to take. Dr. Tameyori visits the police station but as usual Hayase totally dismissing anything said to him. Calm, is not Hayase’s middle name. When reports are received of Ibara’s whereabouts, Hayase is the first to rush out. When they arrive to the town along the shore and the warehouse where they were hiding, Ibara and Satomi are both gone but he does find a picture of a family sitting for a meal. When Hayase reads what is written, he immediately knows where they are and heads to Dr. Tameyori’s house.

As you can imagine, the minute Hayase arrives, Ibara runs from the house. As both Dr. Tameyori and Hayase chase after Ibara. Dr. Tameyori finds Ibara first and after his discussion as well as seeing the information contained on the USB memory disk about Dr. Shirokami’s research as well as the listed side effects (memory loss, increase violent tendencies), he reaches the point of convincing Ibara to give himself up but what a surprise, the first thing Hayase does upon seeing Ibara is shoot him!

Hayase’s reaction is truly no surprise to anyone. I doubt the man would believe the truth if he heard it. One revelation that came to the forefront was NOT that Dr. Shirakami had a heart condition but more that the heart transplant that he received was in fact from his own brother. Now, I’m not the first who probably have thought of fratricide when we heard the story of his brother’s sudden death. There was no mention that his brother had an illness, only that he died suddenly. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past Dr. Shirakami to have been the reason for his brother’s demise. I guess as we approach the last episode, we will find out.

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