Movie Monday – Joker Game (2015)

Starring: Kamenashi Kazuya as Jiro Kato, Fukada Kyoko as Rin, and Iseya Yusuke as Lieutenant Colonel Yuki

Rating: PG-13, some violence

Running Time: 108 min

Twinkies: 4 stars and it’s not just because of Kame!

Synopsis: Set along a backdrop of a fictitious second world war at an international city in Asia. In Japan, Lieutenant Colonel Yuki recommends the creation of spy training school “D Kikan”. Meanwhile, Kato is facing capital punishment for his refusal to follow a superior’s order. Kato is then scouted by “D Kikan”. In order to seize American ambassador Graham’s confidential documents “Black Note.” Kato infiltrates into an international city. A battle to gain possession of the “Black Note” ensues between Kato, a mysterious woman named Rin, the British Spy Agency, the Soviet Spy Agency and the radical army in Japan.

Musings: The film is based on the multiple award-winning novel of the same title by Koji Yanagi and the story is set on the eve of World War II with spies from all over the world competing to gain the upper hand in a secret intelligence battle. Watching Fukada and Kame together in this movie, made me understand where all of the chemistry came from in their drama this year, Second Love (2015)! Not only was it a very good movie but the scenes between these two sizzled on the screen.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Kame’s acting continues to command the stage and this movie was proof that he can do action. His fight scenes are a great departure from what you may have seen from him before. I loved that a lot of the stunts he did himself. And to add to the allure is Kame in black suits/white suits/40s style clothing that most of us fans couldn’t stop drooling with every scene! Oh yes! Kame wears 40s wear well!

Yusuke as Yuki, I continue to enjoy this actor. As the Lieutenant Colonel in all military regalia, who in their right mind can forget that! I overlooked the crappy English actors over the fact that I really enjoyed the pace and the story. I also liked the fact that the ending leaves you with the hope for a Joker Game 2 in the future. I will patiently be waiting for that sequel! How about you?

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on various streaming websites.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Joker Game (2015)

  1. Sounds like a good movie. I’ve been meaning to watch this and Second Love actually. Guess I can have a Kame Christmas break marathon.

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