Painless (2015) – Episode 9

I don’t believe anyone who has watched this from the beginning is surprised by the outcome. First, Detective Hayase and his inability to listen to anyone-check. Dr. Shirokami and his involvement in Ibara’s actions-check. The chase after Ibara and Satomi-check. Dr. Tameyori coming to the realization of what is truly going on-check. As the drama heads to the finale, not sure we are going to be in for many surprises…or are we? For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)
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Deja View: Lakorn Locations with White Houses

We are constantly seeing scenes and houses in dramas and we always wonder ‘Where have I seen that before?” Here is a great article that is collecting the pictures of the houses and the dramas that they have been in. Enjoy!

Source: Deja View: Lakorn Locations with White Houses