Painless (2015) – Episode 8

The mystery continues with the new medical drugs to cure people of pain. But what is on everyone’s mind is how involved is Satomi in the murder of the Ishikawa family and will she finally talk? For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 8
Aired November 25, 2015

Tameyori Eisuke and Hayase Junichiro are at Shirokami Medical Center after the arrest of Ibara for Sada (Takashima Namiko’s ex-boyfriend) murder. Hayase begins to question Dr. Shirokami about Ibara and we get in flashback a little history of Ibara’s life growing up and how Dr. Shirokami first met him when he was younger and was diagnosed as a patient with no feeling of pain. Dr. Shirokami admits that it is because of meeting Ibara that he began his research into reducing patient’s pain by studying Ibara and developing the medication that he has been working on.

We also get scenes of Ibara (Aoi Nakamura) in police holding as he remembers his talks and visits with Dr. Shirakami. In voice-over, we hear Dr. Shirakami reminding Ibara to always take care of himself. As Ibara is sitting alone on the floor, the camera pans in close and we see all of the scars that Ibara has on his body. The first thing that came to my mind that most of those had to be self-inflicted. As Ibara is aware of his absence of feeling, his weirdness just begins to sink deeply into our minds. There is no question to us viewers that this man has a deep, serious mental issues. How deep will become apparent as you continue to watch the episode.

Satomi continues her recovery as Dr. Takashima Namiko returns to the hospital and visits Satomi in her room. As usual, they have a one on one conversation (okay, only Namiko is talking) as well as the continued messages via the mobile phone. Dr. Takashima, along with Tameyori, are able to convince Satomi to leave the hospital as they visit Tameyori’s clinic where his sister in law, Inoue Kazue prepares lunch. As this is just a day excursion that the hospital allowed Satomi to take, she returns to the hospital but is greeted by Hayase Junichiro.

We all knew this was coming as Hayase Junichiro was waiting to question Satomi about the Ishikawa family as it was discovered that Mr. Ishikawa was one of her teachers. As Hayase questions her, Satomi herself admits that she killed the family. As Hayase continues to question her, he finally realizes she is lying because she unknowingly says that the children were all killed in the living room but evidence proved that they were killed someone else in the house and carried to the room where they were found with the rest of the family.

Hayase and Dr. Tameyori visit Ibara at police holding to ask him questions about the Sada murder. Ibara admits that he has no memory of the night or what happened. As you can expect Hayase doesn’t believe it but Dr. Tameyori is not sure at this point whether Ibara knows or not but he does remember that Ibara was taking the experimental pills of Dr. Shirokami.

The memory of Ibara taking the pills results in a heated conversation between the two doctors and Tameyori leaves the hospital, with the intent of no longer being affiliated with the medical clinic.

There are several scenes where Dr. Shirokami grabs his chest near his heart; once in a scene with Ibara and another after the argument with Dr. Tameyori. There is something definitely wrong here and might also explain his insistence in working on his painless drug and succeeding. We will find out for sure in the next episode what is going on medically with him.

The next day at the police precinct, Hayase returns and wants to question Ibara further. I think at this point, he is looking for a connection between Sada’s murder and the Ishikawa family. As the police officer is taking him to the room for questioning, Ibara decides to take this opportunity to escape by throwing himself and the officer down the stairs. When Tameyori hears about the escape from Hayase, he tells him there is only one place that Ibara will return to; the medical hospital. As we watch as Ibara is walking the hospital halls and sees Satomi, he enters her room and it is at that moment that the memory returns to Satomi as she remembers watching through the window of the Ishikawa family as she watched Ibara in the house, obviously as he killed the entire family. Big mistake, she tells him she remembers him and the next scene we see is Satomi’s mobile phone on the hospital floor covered with blood.

Well folks, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it was Ibara who killed the Ishikawa family. I think from the minute everyone met his character probably decided that he was the one. Now, the connection between Satomi being there and Ibara wasn’t clear but was made clearer after this episode. It seems that Satomi might have told Ibara about her animosity towards Mr. Ishikawa. I think Satomi just happened to be there and witnessed the family being killed. Now, the big question is “Why didn’t Dr. Tameyori see Ibara’s criminal intent?” Was it the drugs? Is Ibara only a criminal when he is “under the influence”? As we wind down closer to the end of the drama, it is definitely looking like the drugs has a serious side effect! I cannot wait until next week as Detective Hayase is seeing red and we might get to see him act on his “criminal intent” as he searches out for the escaped Ibara.

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