Thanksgiving 2015 Marathon – Wu Xin:The Monster Killer

Wu Xin:The Monster Killer (2015)

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to even watch or like this drama! As my obvious drama watching has been heavily laden with Chinese and Japanese dramas and my original plans to begin another daily K-Drama (Sweet Home, Sweet Honey) was sidelined, I hesitantly started watching Wu Xin:The Monster Killer. Three days later and practically watching nothing else BUT this drama, I have come to say that not only did I like it; I LOVED IT!! Read on…

Yes, I wasn’t that excited to watch this. Why? I knew none of the cast! Other than the posters and articles announcing that Mike D’Angelo aka Nitipaisankul Pirath was cast (okay, he is not a favorite of mine), I had put this on my plan to watch list but didn’t find it until recently with subtitles! So, because I was bored and having enjoyed Second Time Twenty Again K-Drama, I really wanted to watch something different. And boy is this DIFFERENT!

Drama: China
Episodes: 20
Aired from: Jul 6, 2015 to Sep 7, 2015
Length of Episodes: 45 min.

Cast Members
Han Dong Jun as Wu Xin
Jin Chen as Yue Ya
Wang Yan Lin as Gu Xuan Wu
Chen Yao as Yue Qi Ruo
Zhang Ruo Yun as Zhang Xian Zong
Sui Yong Liang as Chu Chen Zi
Mike D’Angelo as Bai Liu Li
Kong Lian Shun as Mr. Su
Shi Xiao Qun as Mrs. Su
Wang Chun Yuan as Huang Da Xian
Zhao Ke as Mrs. Yu
Wang Chuang as Yu Xiao Zhu
Jiang Zhong Wei as Bai Wen Liu
Wang Yan Su as Fox demon
Gong Fang Min as Mr. Yue
Lily Yuan as Mrs. Yue
Zhang Cheng Hang as Duan San Liang
Yu Xin Tian as Xiao Chun Zi
Bo Hong as Duan’s mother
Hao Wen Xue as Shi Shu Zu
Wu Lian Sheng as Yue Ya’s father
Ma Xiang Yi as Zhang’s 8th wife
Zhang Shan as General Zhang
Zhang Rui Jia as General’s first wife
You Jing Ru as General’s 12th wife
Ye Kai Wei as General’s son
Han Mei as General’s 4th wife
Lu Mei Fang as General’s 5th wife
Qiang Yu as General’s assistant
Dai Qi Hua as General’s 9th wife
Lu Nuan Nuan as Gu’s 5th wife
Ye Li Na as Zhu Er

Immortal Wu Xin, is unfortunate enough to be doomed to eternal poverty. He doesn’t know if he’s human or a demon, where he came from or where his future should lead. During the Qing dynasty (around 1862-1874), he and his lover retired to the mountains. By the Republican era, however, his beloved has died, and Wu Xin is so poor that he leaves his mountain and pretends to be a monster-hunting monk in order to survive

My Thoughts
Oh where to begin on a drama that you really had no expectations! I really don’t know. Just imagine how much I was surprised that I liked; no LOVED this drama! If you are into fantasy, this is one for you. If you are in to a couple with GREAT chemistry! This one is for you. Wait….if you are in to a main couple that knows by episode 5 that they are in love with each, unconditionally; this one is for you. The story was well presented. Again, I really need to invest in reading some of these novels because they bring me back to the storylines that I used to love and cherish in my youth.

Wu Xin:The Monster Killer is a big departure from any of the other Wuxia dramas that I have watched recently. Not only did I enjoy the story but I was amazed how I really enjoyed the acting of several of the actors (and actresses) that I was not familiar with; some working in a drama for the first time! From Han Dong Jun (who I’d only seen in the move, Under the Hawthorn Tree) to Chen Yao in her first role ever, you will really be pleased with the acting of just about everyone in this one..

Our main OTP (one true pairing), Yueya and WuXin were true to each other from the beginning. It is so refreshing to watch a love story grow that is unencumbered by the usual drama ‘silly season’ and the third wheel of one-sided love and another person that generally adds nothing to the story for me. WuXin falls for Yueya first but when she falls, her love is true and thorough that I was very happy to watch their relationship prosper and flourish. You have to watch the drama to understand when I refer to Yueya’s love as being true and unconditional. Who else among us could continue to love a man who is not only immortal but who can regenerate his entire body from a single “hand”? A love which you watch this regeneration from start to finish and continue to love the man. Me? After the first phase of WuXin’s regeneration, I would have been out the door! I would post a picture but as I watched it, I could only have obscene thoughts of what the supposed ‘larvae’ looked like. Oh yes, obscene!

The chemistry between the two was great to watch. WuXin’s care and affection for Yueya was palpable as his world and reason for being was Yueya. He always thought about her well-being and was constantly worried about her safety. Yueya was the same! After losing half his face to the evil Yue Qi Luo (I’ll talk about her more later), she worried tremendously about what would happen next but she only wanted him to ‘come home’ as intact as possible. Yes, great chemistry and a pretty decent romance!

I would be remiss in not talking about my favorite character, Commander Gu. I absolutely loved his scenes as he brought laughter and sometimes sadness to the story. This man was so silly! Again, another actor without many dramas in his portfolio but he is definitely one I will look forward to in the future. Gu Xuan Wu was a friend when you need him, the perfect sidekick to a man who lives forever. His antics, sometimes, will have you rolling with laughter; even when he is dodging bullets or running away from monsters. When he finds out the truth about WuXin, even he is freaked out! But he soon learns from watching Yueya that WuXin is still WuXin. I must say that some of my favorite scenes is definitely with these two; WuXin and Gu Xuan Wu. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the total regeneration of WuXin scenes! As Gu Xuan Wu was initially taking care of him during his ‘infancy’, I can assure you that there were many, many comedic scenes! Way funny, folks! While Gu Xuan Wu would like to convince you he is a ladies man, he wasn’t! When all five of his mistresses (or wives as they like to refer to themselves) jumped ship when he lost his status, that was his reality check! Gu Xuan Wu was just a nice break for some of the other characters that represent evil incarnate!

Now, what would Wu Xin:The Monster Killer be like without some seriously evil folks in the form of one monster (Yue Qi Luo) and her human partner in evil, Zhang Xian Zong. Talk about a match in HELL! These two from the very beginning latched onto each other and combined did many, many evil deeds. Even when Zhang Xian Zong found out what Yue Qi Luo was, the man didn’t bat an eyelash and continued to be her lackey of love! Yue Qi Luo really had this delusion that she was the perfect mate for WuXin. So, you can imagine her many attempts to not only entice WuXin who made it clear he wasn’t interested but also made sure that Yueya knew that she was in her way of the man she felt SHE deserved to have. Okay, monsters (or evil beings) aren’t delusional but the sheer evilness of this woman in her attempts to sabotage Yueya and WuXin’s relationship were quite ingenious, at times. Her little paper dolls of mass destruction were capable of doing just about whatever was Yue Qi Luo’s bidding. From possessions to attacking humans, these paper dolls were a menace from the beginning until the end of the movie. As you can expect, their demise only happened when their Queen of Terror was gone.

Talk about the Killer Duo, Zhang Xian Zong was willing (and did) everything that Yue Qi Luo asked him to do. No, not because he was possessed. No, not because he wanted fame and glory. The man was in love. So in love that his love was enough and his devotion was unconditional of what Yue Qi Luo felt for him. Obsess much?

I have to give BIG props to Chen Yao for her first leading role (maybe first role period) in a drama. As Yue Qi Luo, she could project dainty and childlike in one scene and in another be such an evil BYTCH that she had me praying for her death! I cannot tell you how many times I tweeted how much I wanted that “BYTCH to DIE”! WuXin was too soft on her in the beginning and through most of the drama; I have no idea why. But, one thing for sure, her death at the end wasn’t vicious enough for me!! Why? Not telling you why!

Han Dong Jun….deep sigh. This man felt very comfortable taking off his clothes! As you can see, there are many, many, many, many shirtless and bath scenes! Yes, I found my new Chinese actor love and his name is Han Dong Jun. Okay, fangirling aside, he did an excellent job as WuXin. His action scenes were awesome and totally believable. He probably had the least amount of wire work scenes compared to some of the other characters. But as WuXin, he emoted all kinds of emotions and pulled your heartstrings, made you laugh and especially…oh yes, he made you cry! Again, the scenes he shared not only with Yueya but with Commander Gu were well put together and acted. Though my C-Drama buddy warned me away from Chinese Paladin, his next drama is Chinese Paladin 5 and I hope and PRAY that someone puts English subtitles to the drama! I want to watch!!

Mike…oh Mike. Not sure why they even had him on the poster! Fair warning to all Mike D’Angelo fans! Mike doesn’t show up until episode 18! Yes, this drama is only 20 episodes! As the guardian, Bai Liu Li for WuXin who first shows up as a white chicken then later as a white cat, his minutes on the screen are very brief and fleeting. But, someone tell me, was he dubbed? I swear I couldn’t tell!

Closing Remarks…. While the monsters, at times were cheesy, what wasn’t cheesy was the acting. I thought the cast did an excellent job in entertaining me. I started this on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve and was done by Friday evening. As I watched the ending credits, a great sadness hit me because the drama was only 20 episodes; however, because it was only 20 and not the customary 40-50 episodes, the story line was much tighter, the acting was on point and there wasn’t a lot of time wasted on what we like to refer to as ‘filler’. Yes, I enjoyed this drama immensely and will definitely save it away to one of my various USB drives for a future watch!.
MDL Rating: 9 because who can’t love cheesy monsters and romance together with comedy!


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015 Marathon – Wu Xin:The Monster Killer

  1. Started watching this yesterday and I AM OBSESSED!! Commander Gu has got to be one of my favorite sidekicks ever and omg the comedic timing! OTP SO SWEET! I knew she loved him when he had half of a face and she still stayed and can we talk about the Evil OTP like REALLY?!!! How the heck do you stay with a girl who kills for fun and also is in love with another person’s man? I do want that paper doll power, but I only want it for good. Those things would come in handy when I can’t reach things.

      1. OMG! Saw the preview of 19 on Monday and waited until now to finish 😦 Zhang is an idiot and I agree, that EVIL CHILD should have had a worse death scene. Cried at the end and MIKE like, WHYYYYYYYY 😦 if they make a season 2 I hope we find out how WuXin became like that and I hope Mike doesn’t get involved. I understand that it’s “better” for him to forget but seriously? tsk tsk.
        9 out of 10. Love the OTP and Gu aww sad for him. I hope the cast keeps doing more dramas because they were amazing

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