Painless (2015) – Episode 7

While this was one of the slowest moving episode, it was full of information that will carry the drama until the end. From Dr. Shirokami to Ibara; all are covered. But we say good bye to Kurume, Tameyori’s mentor and friend. (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 7
Aired November 18, 2015

Eisuke Tameyori (Hidetoshi Nishijima) goes on a house call to visit his friend and mentor, Kurume (Masane Tsukayama). He speaks of Dr. Shirokami’s (Hideaki Ito) new drug research to reduce pain during treatments. Tameyori suggests that the drug may be helpful to Kurume with his pain but Kurume shakes his head refusing to accept the medication as he believes the pain is part of his life.

At the “Shirakami Medical Center”, Takashima Nami-ko (Anna Ishibashi) has discovered a hand cut at the wrist in her locker has been discovered. Hayase Junichiro (Ito Atsushi) asks her if she has any idea whose it belongs to and whether it might be her ex-fiance, Sada Yozo (Kato Toranosuke). Fingerprints from the hand are later identified as Sada. At the Minatochuo police Criminal Division, Hayase, Incheon Yasuo (Hyodo Daiki), Ota Takeshi (Toru Baba) have been invited to participate as members of the investigation team. With Sada’s murder, they believe there are more involved in the Ishikawa family murder. Hayase presents the DNA report that shows that a young girl, Satomi was present at the home when the family was killed.

Dr. Shirakami’s secretary Kiyomi Yokoi (Maki Miyamoto) has receive reports on the matter of Sada and hand. Yokoi suggests that Takashima Nami-ko’s (Anna Ishibashi) be dismissed because of all of the problems that have happened; however, Dr. Shirakami learns that it is because of Yokoi and her contact with Sada that Dr. Takashima was attacked and ultimately what happened to him by Ibara. The police later come to the hospital to arrest Ibara for the murder of Sada.

My Thoughts
I was really surprised at how fast they were able to determine Ibara’s guilt. One thing for sure, Dr. Shirakami mentioned side effects but I think they are much, much more. Tameyori didn’t see the ‘criminal intent’ on Ibara until after he killed Sada; however, who knows if one of the effects of the new drug being developed. Another thing that becomes glaringly obvious is the fact that Dr. Shirakami is using poor Ibara as a test animal; a guinea pig for his drug. It makes you wonder if Ibara and his painlessness is a result of the drugs he has been taken.

Am I the only one who thinks that Dr. Shirakami’s secretary Yokoi is in love with the man? He seems to be pretty clueless of the fact; however, her utter jealousy of Dr. Takashima nearly got the woman killed! Why else would she be in close contact with Sada? She knew how dangerous he was but still kept the man informed on Takashima’s every move.

The two scenes with Kurume and his death as well as the tear-inducing conversation Tameyori has with his sister in law, Inoue Kazue (Asada Miyoko) are memorable. Kurume had accepted his death and wanted to remember his life through his pain. In addition, his death spawn a fierce argument between the in laws as Kazue felt that Tameyori didn’t do enough to save his wife from her suffering. Definitely an interesting conversation that will affect anyone who has/did watch family suffer from a terminal disease.

This drama continues to bring the secrets out and based on the current ratings, it remains the number one drama for the fall season. Congrats! I wouldn’t expect anything less from my Nishijima Hidetoshi! I’m looking forward to next week as the mystery continues with the family murder and Ibara’s arrest. Also, the big question is ‘Will Satomi speak?’

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