Painless (2015) – Episode 6

I knew there was something crazy about Ibara! But how crazy comes out for all of us to see. Another new mystery of is there a connection between Sada and the family murders and, what exactly does Dr. Shirakami have in those pain suppressant pills that he is trying to get FDA approval for? (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 6
Aired November 11, 2015
Tameyori Eisuke (Hidetoshi Nishijima) receives an incoming telephone call from Sada Yozo (Kato Toranosuke) as he is rushing to Takashima Nami-ko’s (Anna Ishibashi) apartment. Upon entering the room, Eisuke sees Miko lying on the floor near the refrigerator, her head covered with a plastic bag. When Tameyori removes the plastic bag, he seems that Nami-ko is bleeding from the head. Tameyori rides in the ambulance to the “Shirokami Medical Center” where Nami-ko is being conveyed. At the hospital, they are welcomed by Yoji Shirokami (Hideaki Ito) who is informed of her current medical condition. Dr. Shirakami tries to calms Tameyori down and proceeds to take Nami-ko in for an emergency operations.

Junichiro Hayase (Ito Atsushi) receives a report from Takeshi Ota (Toru Baba) and verifies that the scene, to include the plastic bag placed over the head, has a close resemblance to the family murder that remains unresolved. As you can expect Hayase is very angry.

As Tameyori is waiting and prays for the successful surgery of Nami-ko, Hayase blames Tameyori and believes that him and Sada are acquaintances. Hayase questions why didn’t see the “criminal intent” on Sada. He also tells Tameyori that based on Nami-ko’s apartment that her incident and the family killed before are very similar; therefor Hayase believes that Sada is the suspect in that case too!

Footprints of Sada left in Nami-ko of the apartment are shown to be consistent with those of family murder scene. Furthermore, Hayase had the hair sample results showing that that had been found at the family murder scene are Satomi (Hamabe Minami). As you can expect, this puts Hayase in a tizzy however, he has since been removed from the investigation. Satomi is worried about Dr.Takashima Nami-ko and is emailing her in a panic, but the answer will not come. It seems that Nami-ko’s cell phone was lost in the incident. Ibara (Aoi Nakamura) also is worried about Dr. Takashima Nami-ko

My Thoughts
WOAH!! That ending was something else! There are so many more mysteries that keep cropping up. I never believe that a scene in most Japanese crime/mystery dramas are there just for filler. There has to be a reason why we not only see the conversation that Dr. Shirakami has about getting his new drug approved and on the market but also I’m even more curious as to why is Ibara taking those pills? When Tameyori Eisuke was consulting Dr. Shirakami about his mentor, Kurume (Masane Tsukayama) who is experiencing extreme pain but is refusing to take morphine, I was glad that Tameyori turned him down. What? Use the dying man as one of his guinea pigs? Now that we have confirmed that Satomi was at the house of the family murdered, it really makes you wonder why she was there. And Sada too? Well, Sada being there might be explained away as he was a teacher at the middle school where Satomi and I believe, one of the kids murdered; however, we don’t know why they might have been there that particular day. But Ibara? That is one sick puppy! Now the big question is “How many people have Ibara done his special operation on?”

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