Painless (2015) Episode 5

This drama just keeps getting better and better. Finally we get to see more on the case of the family murdered brutally. Dr. Takashima’s ex boyfriend is truly off his rocker and insight into Satomi is revealed. (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 5
Aired November 4, 2015
Dr. Tameyori Eisuke is visited at the clinic by Sada Yozo (Kato Toranosuke) who is complaining of a headache. During the consult, Sada reveals himself to Dr. Tameyori as Dr. Takashima’s fiance; but, Kazue doesn’t trust what he sides completely by asking a boatload of questions. Dr. Tameyori congratulates Sada and continues the examination as usual.

The next day, Dr. Tameyori reports to Dr. Shirokami as he will soon be examining patients at the hospital. On his first day, Dr. Tameyori is at the hospital whereby he discovers Detective Hayase Junichiro walking the hallways . Hayase asks whether there patient that well known for drawing all the time; Dr. Tameyori refuses to answer. That’s because he remembers seeing Satomi as the person who drew the pictures. Satomi’s story is that she believes that she had killed the family in the picture; However, Dr. Takashima denies as she doesn’t think that Satomi is capable of murder. Dr. Tameyori mentions and congratulates her on her pending marriage but Dr. Takashima shakes with fear and horror.

Detective Hayase goes back to the precinct and talks with other detectives about the murder incident. We get a flashback of what was found 8 months ago whereby a family that included a 5 and 3 year old were all brutally murdered at their home. Detective Hayase remembers the picture and finds out that there was hair evidence , blond hair found in a cap that was figured to be a hat for children or women. Remembering the girl at the hosiptal, he returns to seek her out….Satomi.

Dr. Takashima visits the clinic of Dr. Tameyori and confides to him and Kazue that Sada is her ex-boyfriend who has been stalking her. Dr. Tameyori walks her back home, and all of this is seen by Sada, sitting in the car across the street.

My Thoughts
Well this was definitely an episode that not only elicited tears but the ending was shocking! Totally unexpected! Sada the crazy ex-boyfriend took stalking to a whole new level when he confronted and harassed poor unsuspecting Dr. Tameyori and acting crazy by accusing him of malpractice in front of a clinic full of patients. I loved when strange but very protective Ibara stood up and told everyone that Sada has been stalking the poor doctor and taking her picture; however, what followed that scene was disturbing to say the least as Sada was waiting for Ibara to leave and attacked him. Unfortunately for Sada, Ibara feels no pain so besides bloodying the poor boy, there truly was nothing wrong with Ibara which sent Sada off running.

I have to admit that the scene when Detective Hayase went in search and he confronted Satomi was way out of line. He had no right to first approach a patient in the hospital and secondly, a minor. I knew this scene would be volatile because we all know how unstable that man can be. Yes, the scene definitely was a tearjerker as the brevity of the abuse she suffered from her parents and while in foster care was so extreme, no way you will walk away without shedding a tear. As far as the ending of the episode? Took me TOTALLY by surprised! Why? Even Dr. Tameyori didn’t see it coming. So the question is “When doesn’t Dr. Tameyori not see a person’s criminal intent?”

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