Painless (2015) Episode 2

We continue the drama with renewed interest in Dr. Tameyori Eisuke by both Hayase Junichiro and Dr. Shiragami Yoji. This episode also gives us a closer look into some of the supporting cast, especially Ibara (played by Nakamura Aoi) and Satomi (played by Hamabe Minami). (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Episode 2
Aired October 14, 2015
Tameyori Eisuke’s sister-in-law, Kazue is treated at Shirakami Medical Center for her injury and is scheduled for discharge. The Center director, Dr. Shirakami talks to Dr. Tameyori with interest. Dr. Shirakami welcomes Tameyori and gives him a tour of the facility to show the latest equipment and that the hospital is well-equipped. While Dr. Tameyori’s clinic provides medical care for patients for less; Dr. Shirakami takes on wealthy patients at a special rates using medical insurance and outside optional services, providing high-quality services in the hopes of increasing the number of doctors at the Clinic. Dr. Shirakami tells Tameyori that the future is in their clinic and introduces him to some of his “special” patients.
Detective Hayase Junichiro now has a high interest in the ability of Tameyori and wants him to examine a current case. The case involves victim, Teruhisa Yamada (Gigi Bu~u) who lives in an apartment complex who was found dead and had been stabbed in his room. Kudo Kazutaka (YuSono Yoshiki) is arrested on suspicious behavior but Kudo confess that he killed Yamada; however, as they investigate, Hayase thinks there is something off while interrogating the suspect and wants Tameyori’s assistance once again.

Dr. Hayase heads to Tameyori’s mentor, Kurume (Masane Tsukayama) house. It is there that he learns from Kurume of Tameyori’s ability to manifest in prisoners a disease which is visible to the human eye and determine whether they would commit murder; their “criminal intent”.

So the question for the episode is “Did Kudo really killed Yamada?”

My Thoughts
Okay, we got a lot more information in this episode on not only the side characters but also Tameyori himself. As a prison doctor, he must have seen his share of the “criminal intent” to be able to recognize it. The case with neighbor making nerve gas? Wild, people! Watch the episode! People be crazy! I also found it fascinating in trying to figure out what is up with Satomi and her insistence to only communicate via text message; however, it has to be more than that as the picture she was drawing was definitely the family we saw that was murdered and shown in episode 1 (nothing on that particular case yet) but as I was watching on Viki, I saw that it is possible that she is autistic and people with autism usually have some type of ability; hers must to be able to revisit scenes but we are all curious as to why she said “I killed them”. Also, her close relationship with Dr. Takashima (Anna Takashima) will definitely play more and more in the future as Dr. Takashima obviously has a stalker. Now, even more curious is cleaning staff, Ibara and his inability to feel pain. Big question is “Why does Dr. Shirakami keep him close?” Good episode!

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