Painless (2015) Drama Information and Episode 1

Also known as Mutsu Mieru Me is a new medical mystery drama on Fuji TV which started October 7, 2015. This features one of my favorite Japanese actors, Nishijima Hidetoshi (Mozu, Double Face). An addition to the cast is Ito Atsushi (Kazokugari and co-starred in Mozu, Double Face). Here’s information on episode 1.

Dr. Tameyori Eisuke has a gift. He is able to tell from one look at the patient, what is the underlying cause of their illness. Since the death of his wife, he finds it inhumane to try selling cures to the terminally ill for it is just a waste of their money. He left the major hospitals to open his own little clinic in a cozy little corner of a residential area. His gift does not only allow him to see through the patients’ illnesses, it also allows him to tell when someone is about to commit a crime (he can read their aura). It is for this that Detective Hayase Junichiro always approaches him to help him solve his cases. Although Eisuke is not keen to do it, he still helps out as he is a kind person who cannot turn down a plea for help.

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Tameyori Eisuke
Ito Atsushi as Hayase Junichiro
Ishibashi Anna as Takashima Namiko
Ito Hideaki as Shiragami Yoji
Nakamura Aoi as Ibara
Hamabe Minami as Minami Satomi
Asada Miyoko as Inoue Kazue
Tsukayama Masane as Kurume Minoru
Miyamoto Maki as Yokoi Kiyomi
Baba Toru as Ota Takeshi
Hyodo Taiki as Nikawa Yasuo
Izumi Yumiko as Hashimoto Hiroko


Episode 1
Eisuke Tameyori (Hidetoshi Nishijima) runs a small clinic in the corner of a residential area. Tameyori is equipped with a special ability that determined a patient’s illness just by looking their appearance. It is at first glance, a great ability but his ability is summarily frown upon by the medical establishment. Therefore, Tameyori had been dismissed from the medical community for performing unnecessary treatment. Its his well-honed observed eye, especially noting a criminal-specific disease.

Tameyori’s sister-in-law, Kazue Inoue (Miyoko Asada) is the nurse at the clinic. As they are walking through town, Tameyori tries to ignore the urgings to detect the illnesses of people as they walk down the road. However, as they walked, a man goes by and Tameyori is immediately suspicious and tries to follow the man but warns Kazue to remain where she is. Upon calling the police about the suspicious man, the man in question is found and Tameyori tries to warn the people away minutes before the man wields a knife and begins stabbing victims at random. Minutes later, the police arrive and Kazue is injured while protecting a mother and her child from the knife-wielding man. As Tameyori quickly diagnoses the injuries to the emergency staff, police man Hayase Junichiro (Atsushi Ito) arrives and snatches the gun from another street cop that had arrived earlier but hesitated to shoot the man. Hayase open fires on a man.
People injured by the assailant are treated at the hospital by brilliant surgeon Shirokami (Hideaki Ito). Dr. Shirakami hears from the ambulance crew about the great triage by Tameyori and this interests him. Hayase is curious about Tameyori and his ability to determine a situation minutes before it ever happens. Hayase wants to know “Why I was Tameyori able to know the incident before it occured?

My Thoughts
You know I love medical dramas, right? Now add Hidetoshi Nishijima into the mix, this is a win-win for me. So much for catching up on my other dramas! I’ll be watching all four episodes subbed in one sitting! Thanks Viki!! I’ve missed Hidetoshi Nishijima! I’m STILL waiting for Ryusei Wagon to be completely subbed! I love his sister in law. It gives you an idea of what his wife (we assume deceased) must have been like; however, we still need the backstory on that.

3 thoughts on “Painless (2015) Drama Information and Episode 1

  1. Hello! I was searching for a review regarding Mutsu Mieru me because I am a great fan of Nishijima Hidetoshi and I was curious about the drama! I read only this post because I don’t want to spoil the drama ^^’ do you recommend me this movie?

      • Thank you very much for recommeding them^^
        About Ryusei Wagon, I wanted to watch it but the subtitles aren’t complete, for what I know : ( I was waiting for them because I was very curious about that drama too (being a fan of Nishijima and Kagawa I can’t miss it!)
        However, next time I will begin Mutsu Mieru me!^^

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