Final Thoughts on Save the Family (2015) – Don’t Bother!

And the crowd went WILD….with utter disappointment and belief! Once again, KBS has totally destroyed our confidence that they can put out decent daily drama! Though their daily dramas do well in the time slot, if you just see the comments from not only us International viewers but include the South Korean viewers in this opinion that instead of putting out good stories, they are just throwing crap on the ceiling and hoping that it sticks….Read on!!

Final Thoughts
The hug in the clip above, represents the only, I say ONLY physical contact that the two leads had with each other (bike riding, no included)! Yes, folks! No bang, no bucks! Even though I stopped watching the drama at episode 80, hoping to return once the madness of the faux engagement between Woo Jin (played by Jae Hee) and Ye Won (played by Jeong Hye In) played itself out. But NOOOOOOO, the madness was still there in the 90s, continued to the 100s and it wasn’t until recent episodes that the writer remembered that the wrong couple was together. This is a sad commentary, folks!

But what was even sadder was the usual drama trope of “All is Forgiven, everyone is Friends with No repercussions for wrongdoings”! Yes, this represented one of the worse ever because the viewers are lead to believe that if you are rich in South Korea, you remain unscathed! C’mon! Even the KAL Princess (aka Nutcase) in real life disappeared from the media and was at least facing charges (well, okay, those charges may never actually lead to jail time but the “loss of face” was tremendous)! I still contend that the writer and the actress Jeong Hye In are related in some way! I’m extremely disappointed in writer Hong Young Hee because I really did liked “I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon” but never watched “Melody of Love” which I heard mixed reviews on.

So, what exactly happened with “Save the Family”? I have no clue! It just seemed like the writer became lost in all the side characters and focused too much time on their story lines; also, when it came to the supposed OTP (one true pairing), their relationships and damn near all their scenes together fizzled into nothingness. Madness!! I would have been happier if the two engaged (crazy Ye Won and stupid Woo Jin) had actually married and we got to see his miserable life. Then we could have seen saint Hae Soo (played by Kang Byul) marry a real man! Why not, writer-Hong? It isn’t set in stone that the leads have to end up together. They don’t! It’s not necessary and sometimes it shouldn’t be allowed!!!

Hae Soo’s makeshift family are the only ones worth talk about here. I would have loved to see their stories developed more in a positive light because they were obviously the “true adults” in the drama! Woo Jin’s family? No time needed here. And the rest? They will remain nameless. If you want to see more on the characters, read my last post here.

Final Verdict? Don’t Bother! But you don’t have to take my word. Just read the final comments on Soompi! They are amazingly accurate in describing my feelings! Thanks to my fellow daily peeps there, I mercifully skipped the last 43 episodes and just read the recaps! Damn! Even that was a waste of time!


11 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Save the Family (2015) – Don’t Bother!

  1. I’m laughing so hard in my office at your “Don’t Bother” comment! That’s enough to say… OK, I hear you! But I doubt that they will listen to you! I’m glad that I actually quit this show. Phew…. I told you I have no faith in KBS dramas now…

  2. HAHAHAHA Reading this further cements my opinion of KBS dailies ( actually KBS dramas!) My advice is just stick to SBS and MBC dailies eonni XD
    Especially when we have too many dramas, too little time 😛
    You can’t help but be selective LOL

    The KBS dailies for this year so far are all bleh, in fact from 2014 they have all been the same
    **Hint: time spent on Ruby Ring and Two Mothers

  3. Lol…you wrote exactly what I was thinking…I am so glad, that I dropped it early on..there are only 3 daily dramas that I love and will rewatch..2 from MBC and one from is really sad..because it had a good start…but got lost in all the different characters.

    • It had a great start and I really thought the writer would at least give us some romance (even muted) between HaeSoo and WooJin but I cannot believe that wasted almost 40 episodes with the faux couple together and then give us like 10 minutes of the real couple together!

  4. Thanks for your article ! I wanted to watch it but now I know I shouldn’t watch. Actually KBS dailies have been disappointing me a lot these days too… I really enjoyed “melody of love” and “angel’s revenge” but then… I still have to watch 30 épisodes of “You are the only one” and this drama is killing me… They always use the same aspects in the story, that’s so boring ! There is no passion between the characters neither… I guess I will follow the advice of Nayong and just watch MBC dailies starting from now…
    That’s really sad cause family dramas by KBS is pretty good (What happens to my family, Bluebird’s House, All about my mom) I don’t understand why they can’t do the same with their dailies… The story is so repetitive…

    Anyway, thanks for your review, it’s great to have a blog with articles about these dailies dramas 🙂
    Love from Belgium !

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, KBS hasn’t had a decent daily since Angel’s Revenge? Even that drama had flaws but it was way better than the recent ones. I highly recommend some of MBC’s recent dramas especially A Daughter Just Like You (near perfect) and Great First Wives which I have very few complaints about. Stay tuned to my final thoughts on both!

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