Great First Wives (2015) Equals Great First Half

Wow! It is have been a long time since I can write a drama review in the midst of its airing with a smile on my face. Not since Cheongdondamg Scandal (2014), that was pleasing to watch even without subtitles and more recently King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (2013) that thrilled us right until the end, have I been more satisfied with a drama. Sure, we get some of the same character types woven into the story that you would expect; however, in some ways, this drama goes much, much deeper. Read on. Continue reading

Movie Monday – Fist of Legend (2013)

Starring: Hwang Jung-min as Im Deok-kyu, Yoo Jun-sang as Lee Sang-hoon, Yoon Je-moon as Shin Jae-seok, Lee Yo-won as Hong Gyu-min, Jung Woong-in as Son Jin-ho, Sung Ji-ru as Seo Kang-gook, Ji Woo as Im Soo-bin, and Kang Shin-il and Director Jo

Rating: PG-13/R for subject matter and violence

Running Time: 153 min

Twinkies: 3 stars Continue reading

Lee Joon Gi to Make His Hollywood Debut With ‘Resident Evil 6’ | Soompi

How did I miss this news?!!!! And I hate HORROR!! Even The Village Achiara’s Secret, I have to watch in the daytime! Looks like I will be breaking that rule! I haven’t even seen Resident Evil 1-5! I think I made it through 20 minutes of the first movie!! The slice em’/dice em’ scene ran me away! Just for you, my LJK!!

Source: Lee Joon Gi to Make His Hollywood Debut With ‘Resident Evil 6’ | Soompi

Final Thoughts – Mare (2015)

Mare Japanese TV Serial 2015

This makes my third Japanese Asadora that I’ve watched. Massan was the first and was followed by Hanako To Anne. Mare, the 92nd Asadora released by NHK Television Network, has continued my love down the Asadora Road! Read on….
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A Daughter Just Like You (2015) or Why Are MBC Daily Dramas So Good Lately?

I have been really surprised with the daily dramas lately on MBC this season. After the near disastrous watch of Apgujeong Midnight Sun and the waste of revenge drama called Ladies of Storm, the program director as well as the writers have been throwing us some new drama bones in the form of A Daughter Just Like You and come back here to read about the sensational The Great First Wives. It’s been awhile since I’ve come across dailies that make the “must see” list. Read on. Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different-Movie Monday Comes Here!

I’m sure a lot of you know that I have been writing movie reviews for a couple of years at; however, we decided to actually post the links on my blog instead. Due to events beyond our control (damn those spammers and blog hackers), I will actually be posting the reviews here and our fearless leader, Snoopy’s Twinkle will set up a link from the blog to point to the reviews. Works for me! I’m happy to continue the posts as I have to admit, I’ve been very lax lately on my own blog and this ensures that I will post at least once a week! Yeah! Win-Win situation!

See You Monday!!