As We Reach Episode 60 – What’s Up With Save the Family?

It is kind of disheartening when you start watching a drama and have tremendous hopes for the series at the beginning. What is slowly coming clear to me as I continue to watch this drama is that the writer, Hong Young Hee ( Melody of Love, I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon) has lost their mind and focus on the story. I for one, am truly disappointed because I’ve seen I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon and the romance was great! As you can expect with daily dramas, they are long, drawn out but I’ve seen this writer do romance as well as dailies before. Maybe the mess called Melody of Love is the problem. Read on….

Jae Hee as Jung Woo Jin
Kang Byul as Lee Hae Soo
Jung Hye In as Go Ye Won
Choi Il Hwa as Jung Man Jae
Lee Hwi Hyang as Bok Soo Ja
Byun Hee Bong as Jung Soo Bong
Ban Hyo Jung as Cha Ong Shim
Narsha as Jung Hee Jin
Park Chul Ho as Jung Ho Jae
Im Sung Min as Na Ae Ran
Romina as Mina
Lee Yul Eum as Oh Se Mi
Jo Young Min as Ji Won
Jung Da Bin as Son Da Hye
Jung Soo Hwan as Yang Min Joon
Lee Joon Seo as Oh Se Ho
Aleyna Yilmaz as Dong Baek
Uhm Yoo Shin as Nam Jung Sook
Shin Seung Hwan as Jung Tae Jin
Im Chae Won as Choi Yoon Jung
Kim Dong Yoon as Choi Yoon Chan
Park Ji So as Jung Soo Bin

Woo-Jin is an ambitious doctor who no longer believes in true love, after having failed before. He views marriage as just a business. Hae-Soo works as an assistant chef. She dreams of getting married to the right man and having a family. Woo-Jin soon falls in love with her, he comes into conflict with love and ambition.

My Thoughts
This drama started out interesting. I liked the story line of Hae Su and her makeshift family, children that were tossed aside by their real family, abused or just a friend needing help. The open heartedness of Hae Su shines through as you watch this in the beginning. She is shown as a person with a heart of gold and willing to help her friends or just people that she meets that need her. She represents a person that some of us wish we could aspire to be but aren’t willing to do so. Hae Su isn’t rich, she is struggling to support people that are NOT part of her family but is giving her all to give them what they need: family love, support, a roof over their head and food to eat. Yes, we all wish we could do that for others!

Now, contrast that will Woo Jin’s family. Except for the grand father who, though stern, has a good heart, I’ll even forgo dissing the father, Man Jae, who also has a good heart; however, I do not have the same feeling for the rest of the family of money-grubbing vipers especially the worse offender, Bok Soo Ja, the mother. The children (except Woo Jin) are the product of their mother’s belief. They discount people because they are poor; they look down on them because of what they don’t have. It really is a piss poor example of a family environment not worthy of bringing up children. Sure, I understand the need, want, and desire for your children to have the very best; I truly understand that as a mother of 2; however, there is no way on God’s green Earth that I would put greed before common sense; insanity before sanity, all because of what you deem “A person’s worth”.

I am not saying that Woo Jin doesn’t have ambition; he does. One of the main things he wants to do is be a good doctor; no a great doctor. No one can fault him for that dream. I believe he initially got involved with Go Ye Won because he thought she could help him with that dream. What may have been initially “she can help me” turned into love; however, the old saying “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas” and Ye Won is the worse, crazy a$$ woman you can even consider calling your wife.

Ye Won is not only needy but also borderline psychopath! I really cannot understand why Woo Jin’s family prefers to overlook a person’s mental health over their wealth! Let’s just forget for a minute that you are considering this woman as a potential mate for your so-called precious son but also take into consideration that she will be the mother of your grand children! Scary thought, huh? It scares the bejesus out of me thinking of this woman procreating! So, I cannot fathom why anyone would think it is “okay”. First, the woman is actively pursuing your son WHILE engaged to another man and wearing his ring but somehow all of that is okay because she has a step-mother?!! SERIOUSLY?!! I know, it boggles the mind!

Unfortunately, most of Woo Jin’s family can only focus on the won signs and not the reality of the situation. That Woo Jin marrying into that family is a bad idea! It would make more sense to have the sister enter his name in her dating service company and look for another potential wife but sadly, mother Soo Ja has narrowed in on Ye Won’s desperation (which should be a big warning of mental instability) and still at episode 60 (and into the 90s) want this woman for her future daughter-in-law. People, is South Korean way of thinking really this pitiful?

So, what about our OTP (one true pairing)? Romance? None. Dates? Last I saw, they hadn’t really gone on a date. Kiss? None. There’s been more romance and kissing with “Tootie Fruity” aka Ye Won than with Hae Su. This is a sad commentary about this drama. Usually, we have had some romance at this juncture and we are at the breaking up period. As I’ve put this on hold until sane minds rein once again in the writer, It is with dismay that I write that there is STILL no romance between the two. SMH SMH

But, I’m determined to finish this mess even if it means skipping episodes like I did the drama that remains nameless (spitting Tale of Two Sisters spits again). Though I’m writing about this drama at episode 60, I’ve actually completed until 80 and remain waiting as they approach 100. No, the writer clearly has continued to lose their minds. And we only have 20 more episodes to go! What a waste of what would have been a good story!

More to come…


4 thoughts on “As We Reach Episode 60 – What’s Up With Save the Family?

  1. Reading your review, I am glad I decided not to watch this 🙂
    I AM surprised you are still hanging in there eonni, whoa

    Having been through a few disaster dramas on KBS, I made up my mind to stop watching dramas from them so I will just pop by here to read , LOL

    Waiting for your review of Great First Wives, don’t take too long!

  2. What! No romance even when the show has reached 60 episodes (or 80)…I really wanted to give this a try as I love Jae Hee but then thought of watching it later…sigh.

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