My Beautiful Bride (2015) – A Review with Love

True love, soulmate; we all strive to meet that certain someone in our lives that qualify as that person. Some are lucky to meet them; some not so much. I like to tell people that mine died in infancy so I will wait for the next incarnation to meet. People that believe in true love/soulmates know that we are willing to do just about anything to make that person happy; and vice versa. This truly explains Kim Do Hyeong in a nut shell. Read on…

My Beautiful Bride, released by OCN and written by the same writer, Yoo Sung-Yeol that brought us Cruel City/Heartless City and directed by Kim Cheol-Kyu (Emergency Couple, She is Wow, Hwang Jin-Yi) tells a tale so beautiful, in my estimation and filled with love, passion, action, suspense, and just about every adjective to make you, the viewer, enthralled with the drama from beginning to end. A drama that touted one actor as the lead but that actor was totally usurped in such a way that even fans became enchanted with the story as it unfolded. A star is born and thy name is Kim Mu Yeol!

Kim Mu Yeol as Kim Do Hyeong
Lee Shi Young as Cha Yoon Mi
Go Sung Hee as Yoon Joo Yeong
Park Hae Joon as Park Hyeong Shik
Ryu Seung Soo as Seo Jin Gi
Jo Han Chul as Park Tae-Gyu
Lee Seung Yeon as Lee Jin Sook
Son Jong Hak as Chairman Kang
Park In-Bae as Glove
Lee El as Son Hye-Jung
Kim Bo Yun as Moon In Sook
Lee Jae Yong as Song Hak Soo

“My soon-to-be bride all of a sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her”. The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride. Do-Hyeong’s (Kim Mu-Yeol) fiance Joo-Young (Go Sung-Hee) suddenly disappears. He desperately tries to find her.

My Thoughts
First of all, it is rare that immediately after watching the final minutes and credits to a drama that I feel compelled to write anything about it. However, this drama, My Beautiful Bride is definitely the rare exception to the rule. From the beginning to end, I was not only invested in the story, the characters, even the side characters but also was reminded once again why I liked Cruel City/Heartless City so much. As this drama was also presented to us by the same writer, Yoo Sung-Yeol; you will definitely see nuances of the story as well as the writing that will point to this screenwriter’s style. And what a style it is! To have 2 successful dramas for a relatively newbie to the drama screenwriter world, is a wonderful treat to us viewers. While both dramas were on cable networks, don’t be too surprised if eventually Yoo Sung-Yeol will have the opportunity to write a drama for one of the major networks. Now, the big question, will the additional constraints of the major network television stations provide us with the same great writer? That remains to be seen.

For us Lee Si Young fans, this drama was touted as her return to the drama screen after last year’s Valid Love (didn’t watch) and the disastrous Golden Cross (the writer lost her mind)! However, what we got was a MAJOR introduction to yet another actor, Kim Mu Yeol that has been left under the radar with very few drama roles but more prevalent movie roles. I remember when I saw him in “War of the Arrows”, I was impressed with him then. For those of us who seen Eungyo (A Muse), you will never forget his Seo Ji Woo character. Throughout the drama, we kiddingly referred to his as Pandabot/Mr Panda because of his recent marriage to actress Yoon Seung-ah who we all know and loved from Playful Kiss and me, especially from Panda and Hedgehog (I’ll continue to go on record how much I loved this).

I really don’t want to give away anything from the drama. I really want you to watch this for 2 reason: The sensational acting of Kim Mu Yeol and for the best effective use of flashback romancing I’d ever seen in a drama! There was no question as you watched this, in believing that Do Hyung loved Joo Young. Some may call it an obsession. Yes, I can see why but when you are considering the fact that Do Hyung never knew real love ever in his life explains the obsession.

Once again, writer Yoo Sung-Yeol drags us into a story kicking and screaming; refused to let us go. Dazzles us with secondary characters that instead of fading into the background, they were just as pivotal to the story as the leads. Who will ever forget characters like Park Tae Gyu (Jo Han Chul) as he ran away from Seo Jin Ki’s men as well as the police with a sole purpose of finding his Mi Sook-shi. How about Do Hyung’s lawyer and truly his friend (Lee Moo Saeng). This man’s love and care for Do Hyung was more noticeable than his own mother; Glove (Park In-Bae), his undying loyalty to Seo Jin Ki almost to the end was first and foremost his biggest flaw; Secretary Kim (Choi Byung-Mo) and his devious behind the scenes betrayal were flawless in its execution; I mean seriously, by the time Chairman Kang figured it out, it was way too late. But last but not least would be Lee Jin-Sook (Lee Seung-Yeon). Again, the writer presented to us a positive, fierce woman to be reckoned with. How many applauded with that last scene? I know I wasn’t the only one!

All the actors in this drama can walk away proud of their accomplishments. Like the many actors that grabbed our attention in Cruel City/Heartless City, when we see them in future dramas, we won’t be able to stop the smile that comes across our faces; no more brilliantly than Do Hyung’s as he finally was reunited with his bride. Good drama? No. Great drama? No. Crack drama? You’re damn right!! I look forward to watching this again and again!

MDL Rating: 9.5, because it was damn near perfect and made me believe in true love!!


14 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride (2015) – A Review with Love

  1. Wow~ this IS a review with love.. An inspired piece of writing indeed. I’m still in the early episodes of this show, and liking it a lot so far. Kim Moo Yeol is fab! 🙂

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  3. Hi there!
    That was an amazing review! I had no intention of watching this drama until I read your review, and I don’t know whether I should thank you for suggesting this piece of gem or not! See I’ve got all my midterms and all and I have watched 8 episodes and now I’m totally addicted! If I fail my exams it’s all on you Newkdramaaddict! :))
    But seriously, thanks for suggesting it and writing such an amazing review.
    Fighting! 🙂

  4. You know I just started this last night, since we had to skip our drama date with Heroes , LOL and I went through 5 eps straight!
    Ok, other than Do Hyung who surprised me, (I am actually looking out for more surprises about him as we go along ) I almost fell asleep in the first episode until DH started his first fight and we find out he’s ex-marine blah blah blah 🙂 That woke me up!

    Hence, I decided to come here and read this again, and you make me look forward to finishing the drama

    PS, maybe I should have watched this with you!

  5. One very well-written recap without giving away too much information *clapping*
    MBB is the epitome of an artistic vision on a smaller channel with a smaller budget to begin with. That’s why I’m not sure if I really, really want the writer to move to a mainstream network (remember what happened to Yong Pal? Big-3 are more like a disease than TV stations from my point of view 😦 ).
    After my first reaction to that finale and after some time has passed by as well, I realise how much I’m still loving that show. It was like watching a film; hat off to the marvelous cast and crew who created that feeling on our screens!
    Last but not least, KMY’s impressive cinema résumé was obvious in this production, too. You’re right, his performances are simply unforgettable no matter the project. The poor man was another innocent victim of crazy k-netizens, a fact that made me furious…but what could I possibly do from this corner of the planet??

    • Oh no! Crazy netizens again? Amazing how much power these crazies are given! I’m glad you liked it. I know I did. Yes, I wonder about moving to the Big-3 and being ‘sanitized’. That would be a travesty!

      • SK must be the most gossipy country on the planet. How is it possible for everyone to know and critisise everyone else on every occasion they have? It’s an utterly incomprehensible phenomenon that defies all known scientific laws (something like Black Holes facts)…

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