Drama Marathon – Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012)

After completing Cruel Romance (2015), I really was in the mood to watch some other works of the leads (Qi Ji/ Hwang Xiao Ming). While searching for something (watching Shanghai Bund for HXM), I came across this drama of Qi Ji. You read that this was a marathon, right? That’s right, folks. I started it on Wednesday and through the night of Friday into Saturday, I watched nothing else and completed all 50 episodes (2 seasons for those that want to know)! This was the first Chinese drama that I’ve ever marathon watched and I can report, what a great experience it was…read on.

Main cast
Zhao Li Ying as Su Huan Er / Yang Yi Liu
Qi Ji as Shi Wu Ji
Han Dong as Shi Wu Hen
Zhou Fang as Liang Yu Shi
Guo Dong Dong as Shi Wu Jie
Song Yi as Qin Qiu Yu
Zheng Qian as Shi Wu Xia
Ye Zu Xin as Leng Gang

Rest of Cast
Li Jian Yi as Su Guang Ping
Wang Lu Yao as Madam Jin / Yang Li Niang
Dai Chun Rong as Madam Su
Yang Zi Mo as Ma Xian Mei
Chen Chuang as Zi Juan
Yang Bao Long as Leng Zi Yang
Huang Ling as Xiao Qing
Han Yue Qiao as Ru Niang
Fan Wei as Yelu Hao
Li Pan as Xiao Yi
Duan Hao Chen as Mo Bai
Lu Xiao Tong as Yu Niang
Zhuo Fan as Jiang Lin
Ma Wen Long as Murong Fu
Yang Yao Tian as Murong Sheng
Hao Guang as Zhu Bing Jin
Yin Ming as Adviser Bai
Wang Chen as Zi Jun
Sun Lan as Sai Mu Dan
Hao Shan Shan as Wang Xiu Qing
Yang Guo Qing as Xiao Cui

Season 1 focuses on Wu Ji and Huan Er’s love and how they are unable to not separate from each other.
Yang Yi Liu was born in the Su family. Her only wish is to be acknowledged by her father. She grew up being servant. When her sister Su Huan Er was arranged marriage to Shi Wu Ji the head of Ao Long Bao, she refused. In order to keep her sister to find her happiness she thought of a plan to escape. While their fled her father’s soldiers found them and Su Haun Er had slipped off from the cliff. In order to complete the marriage, Su Guang Ping’s wife replaces Yang Yi Liu to be Su Huan Er. Huan Er got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji agreed to marry to her. He, his two brothers and his sister hated her father with a passion. They thought they can torture her to settle the score. As Huan Er and Wuji began to grow fond of each other can Su Huang Er complete her father’s mission to become the head of Accountants in Ao Long Bao and destroy Wu Ji or does she choose to love Wu Ji and stay by his side?

Shi Wu Ji the eldest brother of Ao Long Bao closed his heart for vengeance for his parent’s tragic death for 20years. He agreed to marry Su Guang Ping’s daughter to torture her. He wants her father to confess of being the one who set fire to the Shi Family. He soon realizes that he is having feelings with her and agrees to marry her full heatedly, but is he willing to forgive Huang Er’s father for the sake of their love?

Shi Wu Xia only had eyes for Leng Gang. She didn’t care that he was a servant’s son. Yet, the difference in their social status was a gulf he was unwilling and unable to cross. She recruited the unconventional Su Huan Er to help change Leng Gang’s thinking.

Season two focuses on Wu Hen and Wu Jie and the obstacles they have to overcome to fight for their love.
Shi Wu Hen was only a stand-in groom at the wedding, yet he was charmed by the new bride’s cheery disposition and unbeatable optimism. This created a problem because she was his brother’s wife, not his. So when his brother’s long lost betrothed fiancée, Liang Yu Shi, showed up at their door, he stepped in to honor the families’ agreement. What he thought was a marriage of obligation turned into a heartbreaking love affair in which he was willing to risk his family’s lives to save hers.

Shi Wu Jie was the youngest and the most passionate of the three brothers. When he met Qin Qiu Yu, it was love at first sight. His family, however, strongly opposed to their relationship because she was a courtesan unworthy of his station. He, in turn, decided to follow her to end of earth than to leave her.

My Thoughts
As you watch the first 25 episodes, you will be wondering “How did I never hear about this drama?” This drama had a lot of pluses: great acting, interesting story, and most of all the cutest and best chemistry for a couple that rivals Solnan and the Crown Prince (King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang) hands down! That’s right! I said it! With all of the touchy-feely of our main OTP (one true pairing); from hugging, kissing, cuddling, piggyback riding, sitting in lap, you name it! We had so many of these scenes, I literally lost count!

The reason I was drawn to this drama was one: Qi Ji. After watching him and hating him thoroughly in Cruel Romance but at the same time being enamored by what I perceived to be sensational acting, I immediately went on a hunt for other leading roles; this drama was the one that I found. I am so glad that I did. His stoic and cold persona as Wu Ji was wonderful. To watch this cold and staid man turn into a man totally in love with one woman was just heartwarming. He made you believe how much he loved this woman and his willingness to protect her with his life.

Second reason was definitely Zhao Zanilia. Even though I never finished it, I found her Shan Shan in Boss & Me to be cute as a button (maybe one day, I’ll actually finish it) but it was because of that I was actually looking forward to her quirkiness; she didn’t disappoint.

There are so many moments in the first season of this drama that will have you laughing hysterically. From Huan Er’s constant antics just to make Wu Ji smile and continues throughout the drama right until the end. Admittedly, the second romance between the little sister and doctor really took back stage to Huan Er and Wu Ji but luckily I must say their story was at least interesting.

Now, contrast that with the second season. While I felt that the romance was much weaker, it was the action that clearly made up for the difference for me. As Liang Yu Shi was a warrior, who hid as a man for many years, her ability to take care of herself and fight toe to toe with any man was great to watch. Even Wu Hen, who annoyed us throughout the first season because of his puppy love for Huan Er, I was so glad to finally see him cut that loose and gravitate to this wonderful woman represented by Yu Shi herself. So, there were definitely moments when the drama had highs as well as lows for that reason.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the relationship between the younger brother, Wu Jie and the wannabe courtesan, Qin Qiu Yu. I was bored from minute one with their relationship and I admit, this was probably the time when I would literally “check out” of the drama.

So, the funny thing about rating this drama is that the first 25 episodes were the best and while our favorite couple continued to shine and make appearances in the second 25 episodes, it was the action of the last season that makes it worthwhile to watch. There are definitely some great scenes that come to mind and the fact that the female lead, Yu Shi, is a very strong woman to reckon with helps in watching the second half. Overall, this was a drama that for 50 episodes, I watched from end to end in a very short period of time.

MDL Rating: 9.0, because you’re not going to see an OTP this cute in a Wuxia/Historical drama!

11 thoughts on “Drama Marathon – Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012)

  1. I’m so glad to read that you liked this show. It’s one of my favorites and I especially loved the first season of this show. In fact, sometimes I go back and re- watch episodes 25-30 ish just to get the main couple’s sadness. The side characters have very interesting life stories as well. I especially like that her older “step mother” gets a romance. Even the C leads are good. The former Crown Prince – I liked how he stepped up and told Wu Ji that if he didn’t get his act together, he wouldn’t treat Huan Er as “just a sister” any more. So, I’m guessing I should step up as well and just make it through to the end. Hopefully, there will be enough Second Brother romance to keep me interested. Two others I’ve started for the wuxia/ancient times feelings are Holy Pearl and King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang.

  2. Great write up eonni:) Totally grateful you recommended me this one which was my 2nd drama after Cruel Romance, which you got me started on CDramas btw!!!
    Absolutely love the OTP, I am a fan of Zanilla now especially after watching Boss & Me LOL

    I rewatched 1-25 again recenly, that shows how much I love it !!

    Are you going to write about Sound of Desert?? *wink wink *

  3. This is a great drama, anyone knows where I can download the series directly? Thank you. Qi Ji is just so very dreamy. LOL…so hot and so unpopular and underrated that it’s just sad. :0(

  4. haha LOL….” With all of the touchy-feely of our main OTP (one true pairing); from hugging, kissing, cuddling, piggyback riding, sitting in lap, you name it! We had so many of these scenes, I literally lost count! ”
    The way you explained them is just cracking me up and it’s true. LOL…. They are just so cute. I can never understand why the male lead is NOT even a bit popular from this lead that he played. I mean he’s so tall, cute, handsome and just muscularly manly….I was asking all over site like how come he’s just so unknown?? So weird, the female lead definitely made it cuz she’s in tons of series after that but him it’s like he’s not even a quarter famous which is just WEIRD.
    Anyone knows where I can direct download the first season will be great too since I totally like PART 1. PART 2 was ok but I barely made it thru in full, skipping a lot cuz I mainly like our main lead but 2nd part they are like soy sauce and supporting not main characters.

    • I know, right? All romances now pale and I just prefer no romance! YOu can download from dramacool and kissasian. I’ll tell you what, it is harder to find the second season! I watched that on YouTube which seems to be the only place.

      As far as Qi Ji, I loved him in this but it was Cruel Romance that brought him to my attention. You’re right, it makes no sense why he isn’t lead in more roles! I hope after CR, they will take notice.

  5. I know, as I was saying to another woman’s blog cuz she loves that show too. And I was looking over the net for this series’ reviews cuz I have never heard of anything of it. I just accidentally discovered this in early AUG 2015 at my moms and the series was made 4 years ago? OMG, I was like HTH does he not get popular just like that NICKY WU in that time travel crap? Hahaa LOL… I mean, come on he’s just one HOT dish and not cuz of his character but him. LOL…….and I like the manly type not like nowadays all bandboy types that are always on series so after epi 1 I was completely hooked and this is coming from someone who hasn’t watch ancient dramas for years. Like seriously LOL…I am more of a modern time series girl. And to name some of the series I like…
    K-drama – City Hunter / Heartless City / American series – PRISON BREAK – yeah, my friends say I have insane tastes. LOL…. So this really was a breath of fresh air when I saw it. His cold cool looking face just got to me. LOL…
    I asked my mom who he is and she says NO IDEA and she says none of them look familiar and she watches a lot of China series. Haha lol….I guess now she says she remembers the female lead since she watches quite of few of her lead shows that are recent but I have absolutely no clue who they all were while I was watching it last month and I hardly watch Cseries anyway so that makes sense. It’s just weird cuz I thought he was awesome in there. Tall, brooding, manly handsome and he’s not even in any series leads after this series?? OMG, life is just weird. Showbiz is just all about connections and luck too I guess. Perhaps the series haven’t done much promoting too since I feel like no one knows about it, even some of my friends who watches some c/series do not know of the series.
    Cruel Romance – I totally do not like the those leads but I was skipping thru utube and found him. MAN, he overshadows the overrated Huang Xiao Ming so much. Hahah lol.. OMG…yeah I heard hes a bad guy but hes yummy no matter what he plays. In fact, I was looking all over utube after this Cuo Dian and he looks always overshadows the main leads b/c hes just HOT period. LOL…its just damn sad that he’s not even popular. I mean seriously…what is up w/showbiz in China. He’s still soy sauce and never had lead roles after? OMG… So weird really.

    • Welcome to the “Why the HELL doesn’t Qi JI have more leads” Club!! The reason I became interested in him was because of Cruel Romance! He was a fascinating villain that you loved to hate and hated to love! Yes, in a lot of scenes he did overshadow Hwang Xiao Min who I like so it was with delight when I found this AND found it to the best romance in ANY drama!! I’ve seen some better well put together romances but nothing compares to this! As you can guess, I will be looking at this again and again! Again, welcome to the club!!

  6. LOL…. I know, I just stumbled upon him on an episode b/c I have NO idea which episodes he would be in CR. I randomly came upon a scene of him…..oh thank the lord, SHIRTLESS and hinted that he raped that woman?… I am sure he was a devil in there but what a good looking devil. Haha lol…. I don’t think he overshadows just HXM in CR but I believe he can overshadow all the leads in any series. I took glimpses of Show Luo series where he was there too but OMG.. he’s just good looking period. Lol…n I was like from 4 years ago he did Cuo Dian and still supporting roles??? WTH indeed. What is up w/China recruiters…. I mean I sure he probably doesn’t have much connections w/the industry too I mean it’s clearly he’s not at all promoted or he wouldn’t be where he is now, doing such minor roles. Sad….just sad… wasting a pretty face and maturely looking character for good roles that will be enjoyable for any viewer. I am watching P1 later again I am sure. LOL..it’s just nicely sweet and put together. 2nd part I couldn’t care less, I found it to be boring compares to P1.

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