Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!!

So, you are wondering why I am writing this post, huh? Well, it is not to be flooded with well wishes for many birthdays in the future, it is more for me.

This birthday is very special because just over one year ago, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer; the same cancer affecting my aunt as well as my sister. In both cases, their cancer has metastasized and has now affected other organs. Though both have been in treatment, neither have been cured. So, I am happy to report as a special birthday present to me, I’ve been declared “breast cancer free”

But this is a testament to how fortunate I am and it also makes me determined to be there more for both my sister and aunt as they continue their struggle. As I have met other women in the struggle against breast cancer, I have tried to provide them with any helpful information that I found while out on medical leave for 7 months as well as continue any therapies that I have to so that I remain cancer free.

I was fortunate to have a health-conscious, vegan daughter who works at an Organic market. Through her, I was able to find many products that assisted in my recovery during some of the worse treatments I’ve ever experienced. I thought a bone marrow test was the worse experience in my life until I had to suffer through not one, not two but THREE Needle Guided MRI Breast Biopsies! All at once! I have never cried so hard in my lifetime! I mean the snot running, cheeks streaked with tears type of crying, just like in the dramas!

So, as I approach another year and I continue to be thankful of still being here and relatively healthy, I want to take the time to thank the friends who constantly provided well-wishes and encouraging words; thank the many people at the university that provided food and many, many words that uplifted my spirits and also my family that worried about me as well as my other family members that continue to fight the struggle. So hello $$ years old and onto 2016!! More dramas! More dramas! More dramas!!worth-fighting-for-quotes-live-great-quotes

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!!

  1. Happy birthday Belinda! And what an extra special birthday too! Congratulations and what a relief it must be to be in remission. My sis had breast cancer too and passed the five year mark last year which was also a huge moment for her. Once again, happy birthday and many, many more :).

      • I know you will!! My dad’s almost at the five year mark as well! Funnily enough, I almost forgot considering it was so traumatic at the time that I couldn’t imagine ever getting past it. Am hoping for the best for your sis & aunt too :).

  2. Ηappy birthday, my dear from another July girl 😉 I wish you a joyful life full of happiness and laughters (and a whole chocolate cake, too hahaha)

    Health is our most precious gift, although we aren’t fully aware of how fragile might that be until our personal struggles against serious diseases. I’ve seen people breaken by these fights, both physically and mentally; so my sincere wish is for all the women of your family to stay brave and strong.

    Cancer can and will be beaten… I’m positive about that and I swear none of us will ever give up!

  3. Happy birthday! That has to be one of the best presents ever. I am happy to hear your good news and wish you all the best. Lots of hugs 🙂

    • I especially appreciate you most of all! I’m definitely going to make it out your way as your the next closest of my dear friends that I consider to be friends. I really appreciated everything you as well as the gang did! You became part of my family forever!

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