[Important Message] ~ The Art of Copy/Paste and other Dramaland Stories.

It’s one thing to flatter and refer to someone’s blog post; but it is a whole different ballgame when you steal someone else’s work as your own and put your name on it. Everyone has a very unique style of writing and I’m sure that most of the blogging sites that I favor, I would recognize their style immediately. So, ZKPOP.com, if you’re listening: “Do the WRITE thing! Give credit where credit is DUE!!

Currently Watching: Neko Zamurai 2

My Neko Zamurai watching buddy does so well, let’s just re-blog her I say! Enjoy!


Yes, I’m on my second season with Neko Zamurai. It is unfortunate though that I started this drama when Debbie was dying from her illness. It was hard to watch it because Tamanojo looks exactly like Debbie. But we think Tama-chan is so cute it’s worth watching her in memory of Debbie *smiles*. So yeah, let’s watch it!

Episode 3

Neko Zamurai 2 is different than the first season but majority of the casts are mostly the same except for the landlord and few other casts. This time, his landlord is smarter than the first season. No money for the rent? No problem. Just hand over all his fresh plucked, fatty daikon and call it even on one month rent! Oy, I laughed so hard at this. You will also witness a cat massage scene. Tama-chan was not happy! Another episode was a crossover between him and Tama-chan. I’m not going into details…

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