First Saguek Drama for 2015 – Worth the Watch ~ “Maids”

It has been awhile whereby I have been able to watch a saguek drama from start to finish and not only not be bored; forgo fast forwarding and even enjoying the ending. Top that off with the fact that watching the drama makes me immediately write a blog post about it. What can I say more that will convince you how well I thought the drama, Maids was put together? Continue reading

Sense8 is Coming! Sense8 is Coming!

We are down to days until the release of Sense8 on Netflix! And with its release, Netflix has launched not 1, not 2 but 8 different trailers! How clever! As you can tell, I am waiting with anticipation to watch this new venture by The Wachowskis’! See all 8 from this article from Complex