Preview for Episode 9: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo (Doctor’s Affairs)

Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Episode 9 Preview
Okay, what is with the major romance delay? Now Haruki and Chizuru are playing cat/mouse game of love! She’s dodging the issue of how she feels about him. It really makes no sense now as she knows he has no plans to rekindle a relationship with Yurie (thank goodness)! Enough! Let’s get this romance started! Only 4 episodes left, folks!

Haruki Morita (Takumi Saito) and Chizuru (Yuriko Ishida) meet up with Kashiwagi Seiji (Tsurumi Shingo), Chiruzu’s former fiance. Seiji has returned for a post-surgery checkup and mentions that he invited Chizuru to the hospital he will be working at.

The next day, Chizuru attends the hospital conference and a new patient navigation system is introduced. However, the Division of Financial Management head, Watanabe (Namase Katsuhisa) has postponed whether the system will be purchased until the cost-effectiveness is determined. Haruki and dissenting Hitoshi (Tsuyoshi Ihara) are against it, while Professor Shiraishi (Tokoshima Keiko) and Watanabe, only see it as a method to cut labor costs and want to subsidize the purchase cost because there is a limited budget. Their remark becomes a trigger, and rumors start to fly that there may be a restructuring in the surgery department spreads through the hospital.

On the other hand, Sotaro (Hiroyuki Hirayama) , in order to become a donor of bone marrow transplant to his son Yu-ba (Ya-mura Hisashi Nozomi), he wants to do it secretly as the father for Yu-ba is supposed to be dead. An ultra-VIP patient, Hemmi Yoshitake (Nadaka Tatsuo) is admitted to the hospital. Professor Shiraishi and Watanabe decide to appoint the attending physician as Haruki instead of Hitoshi, his senior ….

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