Preview for Episode 8: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo (Doctor’s Affairs)

Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Episode 7 Preview
Okay, Writer Akiyama! You wrote one of my favorite Takenouchi Yutaka dramas, Nagareboshi. Let the romance begin!!!

Haruki Morita (Takumi Saito) is put ​​in charge of a new patient, Shigeo Iwase who suffers from epilepsy by orthopedic doctor (Iwamatsu Ryo) to consult for a surgery date; however, Iwase is refusing surgery for some reason. Chizuru (Yuriko Ishida) is also being denied to perform surgery by her patient, a career woman and workaholic Takako Asakura. In addition, Sotaro (Hiroyuki Hirayama) has a case of a single mother with young three children refusing surgery on the grounds she has no money.

The next day, ex-girlfriend, Yurie Haruki (Ayaka Komatsu) is discharged. Yurie comes to the hospital and confesses to Haruki that she still likes him (go away, Yurie!) On the other hand, Nana (Saki Aibu) knows that the Yu-ba, son of Sotaro Takahashi (played by Hirayama Hiroyuki) must receive a bone marrow transplant. However, Yu-ba and his mother Naho (Ueno Natsuhi) are not compatible (based on the HLA = human leukocyte antigen results) and that the doctors are investigating whether he is compatible with Sotaro. Chizuru is questioned on her relationship with Haruki from Nana, and the answer is ….

Patient Iwase is in a life-threatening condition If they do not cut the necrotic right foot. Haruki once again tries to persuade Iwase, and suggests he consults his family; But Iwase, there is something about that family.

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