Coming Soon…Cannot Wait: Ka Badin (2015)

Ka Badin (2015)

All else aside, all other Thai dramas I’m watching; there is one that I’m anticipating, hoping, praying that someone will provide English subs. Why? There is only one reason: James Ma

Ka Badin will star James Ma as Haym and Matt (Kongthai Peeranee) as Lamduan. The drama’s synopsis is:
The drama takes place in the era of King Nang Klao, the third reign (after King Rama II). The story sets around the period when England (known as Wilat at the time) enters into a commercial partnership role with Thailand, and this historical fact plays as a backbone to the plot of this drama.

Because Haym is a good looking, well-mannered and bright boy, he is known as “Phor Haym Roop Thong” meaning “Phor Haym the Golden” (back then boys/men are referred to as ‘phor’). He has a knack for English and sneaks around to further his skills with an English teacher, however once his father finds out – he who doesn’t trust foreigners – decides to send his son to study at the monastery. There, Haym picks up sword wielding skills. Unfortunately, accused of killing an Englishman, he is relegated to being an elephant keeper. He then masters the science of ailing elephants and becomes quite the vet and elephant keeper.

Therein he meets Lamduan (Matt Peeranee) who is the leading actress of a dance play in Amphawa. He had already met her when they were younger, and this propels them to fall in love. However due to their status differences, as well as interference from another man who wants Lamduan for himself, Haym pursues the military forces so that he can improve his status. With his brilliance and capability, Haym climbs the military rung (so to speak) and also becomes the national pride and bravery of Badin. CREDIT TO: Lovefia

Finally this has a release date of May 22, 2015! They haven’t released an official poster yet but what little I’ve heard and seen, I’m really looking forward to this. It is funny what an impression that James Ma made on me with just one drama! Khunchai Ronnapee still remains my second favorite Thai lakorn drama ever! I’ve watched the entire drama in one sitting without taking a break. I loved the action scenes and especially loved that James Ma was doing all of his stunts. And if this gif clip is any indication, we will get James Ma in action once again! Please! Someone! Sub this drama….for me?

Ka Badin (CH3) will begin airing May 22d. There will be 14 episodes, 2 hours each.

Wait! There’s more! I forgot the teasers!!!

From the OST, song is “A Passage of Memory” by Peet Peera


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…Cannot Wait: Ka Badin (2015)

  1. I’m a big fan of James Ma because of this drama. After I watched KB, I went back to watch his first lakorn, and I am officially his loyal fan now.

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