Preview for Episode 6: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo (Doctor’s Affairs)

Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Episode 6
Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Episode 6

I love the FujiTV website! They are putting up preview information for the next episode. So, as a courtesy for you watchers out there, I’ll make heads/tails of the preview information and post it for you too. Enjoy!

Yurie and Haruki
Yurie and Haruki

Morita Haruki (Takumi Saito) is suddenly contacted by his former lover, Yurie (Ayaka Komatsu) who is asking for his help. Yurie is complaining of abdominal pains and his hospitalized. While visiting Yurie in her hospital room, she suddenly hugs Haruki and this is witnessed by Chizuru (Yuriko Ishida) who has mixed feelings about what she witnessed. It seems that Yurie is enduring the pain and just wants to be near Haruki now that she has parted with Takaya, her violent lover (Kato AtsuNaru) but she can not escape from his possessive ways.
la de da
Tomoko is confronted by Hitoshi’s wife Emi

Around the same time, Tomoko (Yuka Itaya) is on the hospital rooftop with Hitoshi (Tsuyoshi Ihara) and later confronted by his wife, Emi (Junko Sakurai). Emi tries to give Tomoko an envelope containing the money, and tells Tomoko “I want you to break up with my husband”. After the encounter, Tomoko is feeling defeated and collapsed from what has just happened. Meanwhile, Hitoshi, who had witnessed the conversation between the two women from the shadows and saw Tomoko fall, rushes in to lend a hand and runs up to Tomoko. But Tomoko shakes off his hands and breaks away from Hitoshi.

With Haruki staying close to Yurie and Chizuru is her attending physician, we will see what transpires with this association as well as the blooming romance. The episode all comes to a boil when Yurie’s lover attacks Chizuru. It is the loving scene at the end will have us waiting to watch episode 6.

But the BIG Question is…. “Did Emi tell Tomoko’s husband that she was pregnant with another man’s child? We will see next week!


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