CJ Entertainment to Begin Streaming Movies Via Facebook (2015)

In a move to get into the streaming industry and provide Korean movies to the international fan base, CJ Entertainment will be partnering with Walla to bring Korean Movies and Dramas to Facebook.

As a treat (and to bring in potential subscribers), the Facebook site will be offering Yoo Oh Sung and Kim Woo-bin’s “Friend 2” for free until today (April 16, 2015). Movies will be available for a one-time watch price ranging from $1.99- $3.99. The venture will first offer movies, Korean dramas are scheduled to be available later this year.

It’s nice to see that the industry is finally recognizing that there is a fan base out here. I contribute it to the fact that sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have been offering more and more recent Korean movies of late and these movies are definitely making the most watch list for these sites. And I say it’s about damn time! Nelly, I’m starting to think our venture in providing more daily drama content to the web is starting to look like a worthwhile investment….Time to play those lottery tickets!!

Read more about this new offering about Hancinema!

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