Kim Jae Wook’s Latest Movie “Planck Constant” (2015)

Planck Constant
April 2015 Release

Coming to the Korean theaters soon, “Planck Constant” is Kim Jae Wook’s latest venture on the screen. While I prefer a nice drama starring him in the lead, every little crumb will do!

Source: Hancinema

Kim Jae-wook, Jin A-reum, and Kim Ji-yu

Kim Woo Joo goes to a beauty salon to have his hair cut 1mm every day. During his haircut, Kim Woo Joo imagines the assistant hairdresser’s skirt becoming shorter little by little. At a cafe, he writes down a script by using his erotic imagination on an attractive female employee. Whenever the female employee refills his coffee, surprising things happen to her. At the movies, he stares at a woman sitting next to him. She leaves the theater and he follows her, but she disappears. He climbs to the top a mountain during winter and meets three women. They have a secret conversation, but the three women don’t know him.

My Thoughts
After watching the trailer, I’m even more interested in watching this movie when it becomes available. We will probably of a 50/50 chance of it being subbed but I can tell you one thing; subbed or not, my Jae-Wook has my 100% support!! Cannot wait to see it!! Here’s the trailer if you are interested!!

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