The Freaks Come Out At Night! Obsession Continues on Second Love (2015) Episode 3

Second Love (2015)
Episode 3 (The Freaks Come Out at Night….And Day!)

The theme song for this episode is brought to you by Whodini! Here we are at episode 3 and not only does my love continue but the love between Kei and Yui grows and grows! While the love is growing, so is the crazy! We are going to run out of fingers with the number of people with serious mental issues that are coming to the forefront!
My special recap in pictures continues….
We start where we left off from episode 3 with Kei telling Yui that she had to give up the Sleazy teacher and for them to live together! I agree about the Sleaze!!

Sensing what Yui might want to talk about, Sleazy teacher tries hard to avoid meeting with Yui to talk resulting in this scene where all the girls are curious….especially the stalker student!

As we continue to figure out who exactly this girl has a crush on, We see this scene whereby Student Takeuchi asks Sleazy teacher “What’s so special about Miss Nishihara?” Who IS this girl jealous of? I still think it is Yui she likes!

Meanwhile, another beautifully executed scene of Kei practicing! Man, our Kame is limber!! Just saying!

That evening Kei and Yui meet. She tells him she is going home; however Kei doesn’t get far before Yui changes her mind. Was it the vision of Kei walking away?

Needless to say, we end up with another night of passion and another sleepless night for Kei and Yui!!
So, Yui tries to quietly enter her house and unfortunately receives a resounding SLAP from her mother. Her words: “Stop treating me with so much disrespect!” Again, she is over 30 years old! This mother has serious issues!!

The next morning, Sleazy teacher receives a text message from Yui asking to meet again. This man keeps trying to avoid the obvious. Funny scene when he dashes out of the bathroom and meets his wife. He tells her, hope it doesn’t stink!

WATCH OUT, KEI! This is what a lack of sleep gets you! Pain!

As Kei continues to ignore her, Ayako comes to say good-bye….or does she? How many believe it is for good? I sure don’t!

Yui tells Sleazy teacher to break up with her. HUH? But what is really funny is when he starts questioning her reasons and why she wants to date a younger guy and not continue dating him, a 15 years older MARRIED man! Seriously guy? Yui just finally tells him “I like him”

I couldn’t help but laugh during the ridiculousness of this scene. Here is a married man questioning a woman he is having an affair with about her life choices! Really, dude?!!
So after they “break up”, the Sleazy teacher says “Let’s do it one more time” Oh c’mon, Yui! I cannot believe you even considered it! But funny thing happened on the way to the karaoke hotel…

So after Sleazy teacher introduces himself and starts questioning Kei on his occupation and what Kei can do for Yui, I love Kei’s answer when Sleazy teacher said he would approve of their relationship: Kei grabbed Yui’s hand and said “I don’t care” then walked off. Beautiful!!

A cute moment and an even cuter back hug! Everyone say “Awwwww!”

Yui reciprocates after a very cute conversation whereby they decide what to call each other; Yui wants Kei to say her name formally, Kei says no. Guess who won the argument?

Okay, I said I would skip the kissy scenes…I lied! This was too nice to miss or forget. Go Kei!!

Just when we thought she would leave, stalker Ayako follows Yui to the train and not only tells Yui how Kei isn’t getting enoough sleep but threatens to kill her if Yui ruins him…Yui to Ayako: “I won’t ruin him”

Kei receives a call from his old boss in Germany! Is it a dance job possibly? He wants to meet as he will be in Japan.

A flashback of when Kei first went to the Dance troup in Germany. Those happier times. Again, a beautifully executed scene! I love this dance moments, however brief they are, you can see that Kame worked hard for them!

Yui goes home and explains to her mother that she isn’t having an affair. While relieved, she becomes upset when Yui states she is moving out. What follows is an exchange that truly shows you the mental state of Yui’s mother! Yui has had enough and proceeds to back her clothing in haste!

After Yui shows up at Kei’s door with suitcase in hand, they spend their first night as a couple living together…just sleeping. The next day, with Ayako’s words in mind, Yui goes shopping for bedding with the intentions of sleeping on the floor to give Kei more room to get a good night sleep.
Sleep separately?! Let’s just say Kei is not having it!! Very cute scene!! I giggled…seriously!

What a damn disappointing as Eric has called Kei NOT for a dance job but to be an interpreter for the man that replaced him! I was surprised when Kei agreed to it…were you?

The next set of pictures is where Kei, after the fellows continue to think he is a stripper, decides to show them one of his performances as a contemporary dancer. It was so funny at the end when they said “I guess we are supposed to clap….” You have to love these guys! And again the excellent cinematography of this scene and Kame working hard made it that much better!!

After the gossip mongers started talking (to include teachers), Yui walks into her homeroom to a chalk board full of pictures and words saying “Adultery!” At the same time, the classroom of bratty girls are chanting over and over “Adultery, Adultery!”

As you can tell by the number of pictures, I really liked this episode! The drama continues to develop the story and the crazies continue to get crazier. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, someone will not be unscathed by the end of this drama….NO WAY!


3 thoughts on “The Freaks Come Out At Night! Obsession Continues on Second Love (2015) Episode 3

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  1. One word: LIMBER!!!! *giggling madly*

    I must say that the flashback when Kei was in Germany was quite awesome! Kei in that mini ponytail is so… enticing and welcoming! Fine… Sexy!!!!!!

    And the showdown to prove that he is a dancer to his colleagues was equally as awesome as the flashback! I could almost hear Irene Cara’s “What a feelin’…. being’s believing!” The ending is pretty gruesome though. Goodness, to hear bratty girls chanting “adultery” over and over again was not only painful but quite creepy!

    Good job for yet another beautiful recap, Bel! You know I enjoy it so much! Can’t wait for your episode 4 recap!

      1. I was confused when I read your recap but then the gifs sent me back to episode 3. Ok, when you thought episode 3 was great, wait till you watch episode 4! HAWWWWTTTTTT! I give you a clue: teeeeeth! Kekkekekke

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