My Obsession Continues With Second Love (2015) Special Recap…in pictures (Episode 2)

Second Love
Episode 2

With the second episode, the crazies come out the woodwork, the obsessions hit full force and our main OTP realize just how important they are to each other. My special recap in pictures continues. Enjoy.
The next morning…I see love is blooming.

Uh Oh, the next morning and someone is late to work!

Stalker alert! I cannot believe Ayako just showed up at his workplace! Some times you SHOULDN’T be oblivious of someone’s presence!

Good Morning! Good Morning! The sprint to work!

So your Mother called me at home and at the office because you didn’t come home last night. Wait…Yui is over 30 years old, right?

Meet me over there…Over there? I have your cell phone you left!

You shouldn’t have come here…But I thought you’d need your phone?!

Meanwhile, stalker alert! In twos! Does Ayako work? Or does she simply follow poor Kei around all day?

Poetry in motion! I love these artistic shots!

Ayako takes stalking to a whole new level as she follows teacher Takayanagi and Yui to the coffee shop and overhears their conversation.

Cute scene where Yui and Kei fight over the lights being on/off!

Something is seriously wrong with Yui’s mother! She calls teacher Takayanagi to discuss her daughter? Why?

After first telling Kei she thought they shouldn’t meet anymore, Yui doesn’t get far before changing her mind. But Kei has stipulations: stop seeing the other guy!

I really liked this episode because it really gives us a glimpse into what is going to happen in the future episodes. We have 2 people, Yui and Kei who are surrounded by some seriously twisted people. Kei, with super stalker Ayako and her unrequited love. I have a feeling we are going to see some grim stuff from her. The girl is just seconds from crazy; a few screws loose and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the worse from her yet. Yui, with a possessive Takayanagi, even though he is married, he seems to want to dictate her life but Yui’s mother? That woman has mental issues. As they say, we haven’t seen nothing yet!

So far, this drama is meeting all my expectations! So much so, I had to look up the writer, Shizuka Oishi to see what other works of hers I’d seen. Surprise! Surprise! Two of her last works (Kazokugari and Zero no Shinjitsu) were two of the best dramas I’d seen for 2014! Add to it the movie The Relation of Face, Mind and Love, you can guess I will be looking for her other works soon. I have a good feeling that the writing will continue to deliver as I can attest from her other works that this is a very good writer! I cannot WAIT for episode 3, what about you?!

5 thoughts on “My Obsession Continues With Second Love (2015) Special Recap…in pictures (Episode 2)

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  1. Okay, where can I watch Kazokugari and Zero no Shinjitsu? Clearly, this is my guilty pleasure drama now and I’m just too excited for the next episode!

    Oh and the best shot of the bunch on this post? Of course the poetry in motion scene! Am I predictable or what? *giggles*

    1. Kazokugari and Zero no Shinjitsu? I just so happened to have BOTH of them! Let me know when you want to watch them. But warning about Zero no Shinjitsu or Zero Truth… not a show you want to be eating and watching. Sometimes even I had to turn my head!!

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