My Latest Obsession – Second Love (2015) Special Recap…in pictures (Episode 1)

Second Love
Episode 1

My favorite scenes for this episode were simply artwork; stunning in their execution. If you want to grab your audience, this was the best way, writer-nim. The best! I like this drama so much, I think I will be doing this every episode. Tell me what you think?

Waiting at the gate…All the girls went AHHHHHHHH…..

In the rain, what better way to say “Call Me!”

The dance practice! What a profile!

So, you don’t believe I’m a dancer? Let me show you…..

Slow swish of the water….

My pirouette!

Great use of stop-action camera shot!

Kei’s “Come hither look!”

Kei’s “I like you kiss!”

I’m in love with this drama! I’ve seen like 7 Kamenashi Kazuya dramas! Some I have liked immensely (Nobuta No Produce, Tokyo Bandwagon, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi); some I thought were fun to watch (One Pound Gospel) and some I watched just because (Kami no Shizuku). This has to be the first of Kame’s dramas that I’ve loved immediately. I love the potential darkness of the drama, the complicated characters (both Kei and Yui has serious issues) and I can already see we will have some crazy folks! From possessive man who Yui was having an affair with, Takayanagi Taro, Yui’s mother, Nishihara Mariko who has some serious mental issues and most of all, the ultra possessive and stalkerish ex-girl friend/friend of Kei, Noguchi Ayako. I have a feeling we are in for a serious ride!

2 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession – Second Love (2015) Special Recap…in pictures (Episode 1)

  1. Uhmmmm… How do I sum it all up? Hmmmm… Frankly, I’m a speechless. We are indeed in for a serious ride!!! Hold on to your…horses!!! And did you notice the open credit of this drama? That burst out red and blood and eventually led to a blooming flower? Wow! Exactly how I felt when he passed on that “Call me” note!

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