Year In Review – Best 2014 Thai Dramas I Watched


This was the very first year that I had ever watched a Thai lakorn drama. I’ve heard about them several times but I wasn’t familiar with them nor was anyone talking about them that I knew. It wasn’t until early April of this year, 2014 that I started watching my first drama. As I depend on English subs, I found it very difficult to find the currently airing dramas anywhere. In addition, being a new watcher, I didn’t know Weir from Boy or Nadech from Ken. It is because of Thai dramas that I started downloading dramas religiously! It is thanks to Thai dramas that I found Plex Media Server which allows me to share dramas as well as watch these dramas from my InternetTV. However, 27 completed dramas later, I’m already picking my favorite actors and actresses (Go Yadech!!) and looking forward to more! MDL refers to mydramalist website. Here are my top watched 2014 Thai dramas:

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (2014)

Dome Pakorn Lam as Nahkin (Kin)
Janie Tienphosuwan as Pantawan (Tawan)
Gun Kantathaworn as Nahkarin (Nahk)
Sarunat Visutthithada as Prakaideun (Deun)
Siripipat Thongpoom as Ahkrin (Akk)
Pimnipa Jittateeraroj as P’Pink
Jiarawanon Nattarinee as Ganokwali/Ganokrat

Kin, the President of KTK Corporation married his long time girlfriend, Ganok. On their wedding night, she left their bridal home to go retrieve a wedding present. At the same time, Tawan had just left the airport after finding out that her fiancé had been dating another woman for two years and expecting their first child. Tawan, hurt and heart-broken, walked home in the rain and while crossing the street was hit by a car driven by Ganok. Tawan was hospitalized while Ganok was later pronounced death. A devastated Kin demands to know who was responsible and identifies her as Tawan. He promises Ganok that he will seek revenge for her with the utmost satisfaction.

My Thoughts
Man! Talk about watching a Thai lakorn for the first time and having it be a slap/kiss at that! I’d never heard the term before, so you can imagine my shock and dismay initially as I watched this drama! WOAH! Talk about all your senses coming alive at once! I was totally clueless what to expect! Like most of us as we watched this drama, we went from feeling sorry for Kin and his lost to hating the air that this man breathed! DAMN!! I don’t think there was EVER a time I liked the man! The writer did a thorough job of making me hate this man with a passion! When he fell for the manufactured look-alike Ganokwali, I was like “Let the BYTCH have him!!”. Now Tawan was the total opposite of the spectrum! I loved her to death! I felt that the revenge against her was all unwarranted so the more Kin did to her, the more I would get upset! Like she was MY daughter or something!

Thankfully, the love story between Nahk and Deun really helped reduce the sting of Kin and his madness. Those two were a bundle of cuteness and were welcomed to the screen. Even his many old love interests that would try to interfere with him were comical. The wannabe actress who would throw around Korean words from time to time (I think she was supposed to be Korean but her accent made her character HILARIOUS) to the rich BYTCH who was dumb as a stump! Yes, the women were funny with a capital “F”! Overall, it was a fun drama to watch (in a weird sense) and one I looked forward to every week. Yes, my first slap/kiss! And now I know there are others that are much, much worse!
MDL Rating: 8, because I was thoroughly entertained!

Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (2014)
Maurer Mario as Onizuka Takeshi
Nataporn Temeeruk as Praedow (Seiko)
Nadech Kugimiya as Onizuka Ryu
Sperbund Urassaya as Takahachi Mayumi
Suriyon Aroonwattanakul as Sato Kenichi
Posayanon Tanakorn as Uncle Koji
Pat Napapa as Aiko

The first of what is referred to as The Rising Sun series, this drama is about Praedow/Seiko, a Thai woman who just got a scholarship from Japan for her master’s degree. Praedow’s beauty impressed Takeshi, the second son of a very powerful family, Onizuka. He kept follow her but never approached her. With urgings from his cousin Ryu (Nadech), Takeshi talked to her and their relationship started. However, once Praedow found out that Takashi & Ryu were members of gokudō, she was scare and distances herself from them. The bigger problem was Takeshi already had a fiancée. Additional complications occur when his dad and brother died from a car bomb, and he becomes Oyabun(Souryo) the head of Onizuka’s gang, then refuses to marry his fiancé (Aiko) until he revenges his dad & brother’s death. However, Aiko (Pat), finds out about his love for Praedow. In order to keep her safe, he announces that she is his mistress. What will Praedow do? Will she stay with him? What about Takeshi love for her?

My Thoughts
I’m starting to really appreciate and enjoy these period made dramas. I’m always fascinated with Thai lakorn dramas that seem to take place in other countries. The costuming and scenery of this drama was stellar! Every kimono and Japanese wear was nicely made and displayed. I can’t forget many of them as they were absolutely beautiful and stunning to look at. The relationship between Praedow and Takeshi was beautiful to watch. As their love relationship grew, so did the enjoyment of drama. Aiko became one of the most insane women over a man that I’d seen in awhile. Her obsession with Takeshi was eery. The fact that her family was just as crazy as her was par to the course. Other colorful and memorable characters was definitely Sato Kenichi and his love/hate relationship with Misawa family. His utter disrespect of the crazy Aiko was unnerving. I actually felt sorry for the girl!

The action sequences were simply the best. From the use of weaponry and swordplay to hand to hand combat, everything was as it should be. There was enough action to make it interesting. This was actually the first drama I’d seen with Mario in it. Taew, I’d seen many times and had loved her characters on many occasions; however, I must admit, I wasn’t enamored with her character in this one. I think I would have been more satisfied with a stronger female character. Praedow was constantly having to be rescued. She was the damsel in distress to the tenth power! The chemistry between Maria and Taew was passable, to me. I have to admit that their love story was secondary to me. I know, I’m in the minority here but I just wasn’t overwhelmed with it at all. Although, that didn’t detract from the drama at all, I still liked it immensely and would recommend it highly as part of the series. Well worth watching.
MDL rating: 8, because I love Japanese based dramas and Taew to boot!

Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (2014)
Nadech Kugimiya as Onizuka Ryu
Sperbund Urassaya as Takahachi Mayumi
Pichaya Golf as Kobayashi Yuji
Mint Tita as Junko
Pimthong Washirakom as Akiko
Joey Boy as Airu Miura
Maurer Mario as Onizuka Takeshi
Nataporn Temeeruk as Praedow (Seiko)

The second part of The Rising Sun Series, this drama is about Ryu who already have Mayumi as his fiancé, but she was too young for him and even if he liked her a lot, he was afraid that she will be his weakness as Prawdao was to Takeshi. So, he ignored her for many years until he thought she might slip out of his hand, he came back to claim that she was belong to him and the gangster’s problem has started again. Will Mayumi accept Ryu love or not?

My Thoughts
What is it about these two that I love and love and love? I can understand why everyone is so in love with Yadech! There hasn’t been a time when the chemistry between these two was bad! This made the fourth drama with this pairing and as always, they sizzle. Of the two dramas in this series, I must say I really loved this one. When Ryu was on the scene, there was no doubt who would was in control. Again, the costuming and scenery was breathtaking. The characters were memorable. I was amazed as Yuji went from sympathetic to ruthless without missing a step.

The difference between this drama and the first was not only the action was more prevalent but I also liked the female lead of Mayumi. Unlike, Praedow, Mayumi was a forced to be reckoned with. It was obvious that her parents continued to raise her with the fact that one day she would be Ryu’s wife. So the need for her to not only protect herself but her future husband was a necessary evil. I loved that she could take care of herself as well as not take anything from Ryu. I did worry for awhile that they would take the Mayumi/Yuji story too deep and as I hate love triangles, I was glad that we were mercilessly spared that. I also was more vested in the love story between Ryu/Mayumi. While Takeshi was fighting to keep his love who was afraid; Ryu was fighting to get his love to believe he actually cared for her! The moment in which she realized just how much he cared was a great moment in the drama and definitely turned the tide of the story. I also liked the development of the side characters, especially the Uncles. Let’s just say I cried when one died, got hurt, you name it! By the end of the drama, I was just as close to them as Ryu was. I also loved how they infused the characters of Takeshi and Praedow into this drama. It was nicely place as well as done. Again, I felt the action throughout this drama was just a shade better than the first. But I just think I’m bias! Can’t you tell? I’m a BIG Nadech/Yaya fan! If these two ever marry someone else, there will be a tremendous and collective sigh of disappointment all over the drama world!
MDL Rating: 9, because I’m a Yadech fan!

Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah (2014)
Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Kamin
Min Peechaya Wattanamontree as Mattana
Louis Hesse d’Alzon as Prince Makee
Kratip Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul as Mintra
Tuptim Unyarin Teerathananpat as Haruetai
Toon Hiransap as King Inthra
Kaew Apiradee as Queen Sawitri
Trin Settachok as Thammarath
Angsana Buranon as Manavika
Supakit Buangam (Bua-Ngam) as Hayman
Hem Hemmawat Nittayaros as Sinthorn
Thitinan Suwansak as Phokin
Yam Runganda Benjamatikul as Bulan
Arucha Tosawat as Suthep
Au Panu Suwanno as Akanee
Klos Attasairi as Asit
Sinitha Boonyasak as Prattana
Bon Chernyim as Chawan

Mattana is the young and beautiful royal descendant Mom Ratchanigoon from Thailand. She is forced by her parents to marry the prince of Raya, Prince Makee. Prince Makee’s father, King Inthra, and Mattana’s father, Thammarath, were university friends who promised one another to have their children marry once they become of age. Mattana refuses to marry a man she hardly knows and love. When Prince Raya’s royal bodyguard, Kamin, goes to Thailand to pick Mattana up, she disguises herself as Kaew, the horse face, and tries every trick in her book to get loose from having to go to Raya and get married to the prince, including telling Kamin she has androphobia. Her fear of men was due to an incident where she was once kissed so hard and forcefully that she almost died from asphyxia. Despite not believing her, Kamin goes along with Mattana and spends more time with her to find out what type of person she really is. However, the more Mattana gets to know Kamin, the more she finds herself falling hard for him.

My Thoughts
Many times I wanted to shoot Kamin! And many times, I wanted to hug him silly! That is exactly how his character was portrayed to me. I loved this lakorn to pieces. I thought it was well put together with enough background to the story as well as a modicum of intrigue, deceit, revenge, romance and laughter. This was my first Weir experience! I find Iim getting pretty good at picking dramas of popular known actors and totally falling in love with them! Of course, Min I’d seen several times in both comedic and more serious roles and as usual, she rocks! Together, Weir and Min were absolutely adorable! The chemistry was definitely there and they have now become my second favorite couple in Thai lakorn. Story wise, there was times I wanted to do bodily harm to many of the characters, especially Mintra! What a great job Kratip did in making me throughly HATE her character!! At the end of the drama, I wanted no part of the usual “forgive and forget” that generally happens. And obviously, neither did Mintra! As you can guess, not one single tear was spilled (but at least I didn’t applaud her ending). Prince Makee? What a douche! The only thing that saved him in the end was the angelic Haruetai.

The action in this drama was definitely the highlight as both Kamin and also Mattana showed their best. I especially liked Mattana’s character as she was not only strong-willed but could take care of herself as well as her man when the time came. No, not a fan of the weeping willow females, can’t you tell? Overall, this drama delivered and was well worth waiting for every week. So thankful to all those that provided the English subs and videos! I enjoyed it immensely watching on my InternetTV weekly! Man, I miss this drama!
MDL Rating: 8, because I loved the chemistry of Weir and Min!

In the coming year, I hope to continue watching some of the older Thai lakorn dramas! As it takes awhile for some of the latest (and currently airing) dramas to get subbed and the videos to come available, I’m slowly discovering my favorites and I have a lot of catching up to do with you seasoned viewers. Feel free to make suggestions. My PTW list is super long but also it is now time to buy yet ANOTHER external HD!! What else can a dramaholic do?!! Until next year!!

17 thoughts on “Year In Review – Best 2014 Thai Dramas I Watched

  1. Oh you finished LRSKF? I’m still on episode 5, left off after the semester started and never picked it up… I only skimmed through the episodes when they came out. I’ve been debating whether I should continue writing episode summaries about it.

  2. So which one would you ultimately recommend since the ratings are mostly 8 and since you were bias you rated Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (2014) with a 9 .

    • If I was pick anything it would be Roy Fun Tawan Duerd first and then Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah second. I really do prefer the strong female type and these dramas were best in that category. Also, the chemistry between the lead couples was simply the best! Boy, I miss watching Thai dramas week to week!!

  3. Thank you for your reviews and I think you were spot on. I’ve watched 3 or your 4 and really loved them. The only one I have not watched is Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, but I will be watching it. Great article.

    • Thanks! It is really hard to find them with English subtitles. When I first started there were several dramas being subbed while airing. Now, we are lucky to find them 1-2 months after. I’m just happy with what I can find now! Sad, huh?

  4. hey I want to watch many of these … but cannot find them with eng subss… please help me .. I just watched sawang biang and Jam Loey Rak…. I had to leave Pin anong after 3 episodes as i cudnt find it…. please let me know where I can watch them……

    • Sadly, I only think Sanaeha Sunya Kaen might still be on Viki. The rest are possibly available to download as I’m sure they’ve been removed from YouTube and Dailymotion but if you search, you might get lucky.

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