First Stills for the Korean drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ slated for January 2015

New stills have been released for the upcoming MBC Drama, Shine or Go Crazy.

The drama is about a fictional Goryeo-era prince who is first in succession for the throne. He belongs to a royal secret society, and is dogged his whole life by a prophecy that he will turn Goryeo into an ocean of blood someday. His character is meticulous and bold, and is especially good at making quick decisions on his feet.

The heroine is the last princess from Balhae (there are only eight years of overlap in these two kingdoms), and is skilled in many areas, including astronomy, geography, and the art of war. She’s fated to bring light to the Goryeo prince, and she’s described as spunky and wise, and a believer in fated love. The drama will depict their palace romance, between a cursed prince and a princess of a lost nation.
Oh Yeon Seo as Shin Yool
Jang Hyuk as Wang So
Im Joo Hwan as Wang Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Hwang Bo Yeo Won
Ryu Seung Soo as Jung Jong
Lee Duk Hwa as Wang Shik Ryum
The Rest of the Cast is Here

Director: Son Hyung Suk (Two Weeks, An Angel’s Choice) and screenwriter is Kwon In Chan

Drama is scheduled to begin following “Pride and Prejudice” which is currently airing.

I’m really, really, really looking forward to this drama! It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Jang Hyuk in anything (sorry, wasn’t a Fated to Love You fan). Oh Yeon Seo, I just loved in Come! Jang Bo Ri!

But the highlight of my attraction to this drama is definitely the return of my Im Joo Hwan who has sorely been missed from the screen! I haven’t seen him since “Ugly Alert” and as this is the first drama he has done since then, I can excuse the fact that he isn’t lead but we do get the joy of not only him but also Jang Hyuk returning to the screen in all “mane of glory” wonder! January will surely start off good for me! I can’t wait to better understand the meaning of the title! Who’s with me?!!


6 thoughts on “First Stills for the Korean drama ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ slated for January 2015

    • I know. A lot of people liked FTLY. My problem is I despised the T-version so that prevented me from even considering the K-version! Hopefully it was totally different because I never rooted for the main OTP to get back together! Never!

      • Hi! Yes, it was totally different. They made a radical change in the personality of the male lead. He was neurotic, a drama queen, but actually a nice guy, as opposed to the jerk of the original. The female lead was meek but had inner strength. And The Jangs chemistry was amazing 🙂 I hope you one day give it a chance. About Shine or Go Crazy, Im looking forward to it since Im a Jang Hyuk fan and Im hoping it’ll be a fun one. I think the title is related to the prophecies about both leads. He is “cursed” with one day bringing blood to his country. This is based on a novel and I think at some point within the story, it’ll be said that his name carries two meanings, sine and/or crazy. It might have to do with power, what it does to people or how leaders handle it, etc. Something along those lines. On the other hand, the female is destined to “bring light to another country”, so she is probably related to the “shine” in the title as well.

  1. @Drama Fan Awesome explanation! I like that! I always hate complicated titles that have no meaning and are never explained. FTLY? I’ll give it deep thought. I really like the Jangs too but being gun shy after the first one, I wasn’t destined to watch the second.

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