Thai Drama Weekend – Mae Ka Khanom Wan (2009)

Sometimes you start a drama with little or no expectations. You read the synopsis, it has elements that you like: Action potentially in the plot; rich guy and somewhat rich girl; OTP that are total opposites and a female who can take care of herself. Well, this is what you understand from reading the synopsis alone.

And this is what you get in this drama. Talk about being pleasantly surprised? I was. A drama that held my attention and engaged my laughter right until the end. Good job, drama! Good job, writer!
Smart Krissada Pornweroj as Hma Wat/Wacharawat
Cherry Khemapsorn Sirisukha as Baipai/ThongAek
Santisuk Promsiri (Noom) as Nart
Jintara Sukhapat (Mam) as Kaewkwan
Louis Scott as Taratit (Mark)
Ploy Chidijun as Wansa
Pakjira Wanasut (Oh) as Nararee (Pan)
Setha Sirachaya (Toy) as Krit
Yanee Thongvisut (Took) as Ubon
Kao Jirayu Laongmanee as Tongyod

Running Time: 15 episodes, 1 hr 25 min.

Baipai is an engineer at a factory who basically dresses like a guy, so many people often misunderstand that she is a guy. She’s good at martial art because she has been trained from her uncle, the former Muay Thai champion as well as a great cook with food and especially making dessert because she has been trained since she was child by her grandmother and aunt. She quits her job after an altercation with the Chief and gets the idea to open her own Thai dessert shop.

One day, the destiny makes Baipai accidentally meet Wacharawat, a handsome mafia boss and the owner of the entertainment complex business. However, it’s not a good first impression for Baipai and Wat initially mistakes her for a guy. These two are like oil and water where not only punches but bullets fly between these two; however, Wacharawat, an extremely picky eater, is enchanted by her cooking skills and it makes him wants to stay closer to her even though he is trying to marry an esteemed businessman’s daughter.
My Thoughts
Okay, I really had good intentions to finally watch Sawan Biang or finish Soot Sanae Ha but with good intentions, there is always failures as Soot Sanae Ha continues to be slow in engaging my attention and Swan Biang? I’m just in continuous avoidance. So, I decided to try this drama simply because the synopsis intrigued me. A female lead who is obviously a tomboy but attracts the attention (and love) of a wanna-retire mafia guy? Oh, you didn’t have to tell me twice to watch this!
Mae Ka Khanom Wan2
Let’s not forget, throw in a story line where the girl, dressed as a guy, goes out of her way to steal the lead guy’s fiancee? Oh man! This is taking the gender-bender story line to a whole different level! As you can expect, it make for a great story, at times. The couple pairing had good chemistry together. This was my first “Smart” drama. I think I have only one drama of his on my PTW list; however, I’ve seen Cherry a few times and I’ve liked every one of her dramas I’ve watched.

It is so rare to see a female character be so strong willed in a drama; Thai or otherwise. Pai’s character wasn’t one to be ‘rescue’ but more likely the one to want (and had on occasions) done the rescuing! I loved that her character took absolutely no crap from the lead male, who she nicknamed Hma Wat (Temple Dog was the translation).

One of their first confrontations was at his office in his club. As they were arguing, he pulled out his gun and told her if she was so tough and wanted revenge, shoot him….SHE DID! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe she did it! And no, it wasn’t a mistake. But my girl. Pai was so tough that on Wat’s wedding to be night and he had kidnapped Pai to keep her away from Thong-Ake who actually was Pai in disguise, she got so mad at him that again, she shot him! And again, it wasn’t a mistake! Now, that is my type of female lead! She never hesitated to give as good as she got! When Wat’s fiancee slapped her, she not only slapped her back but slapped her twice! Wait, she also punched the crap out of the girl knocking her to the ground! That’s what I’m talking about! Sure, we abhor violence but damn, the girl never let anyone get away with abusing her! How often do you see that in a drama?

What I also liked was the side characters that I enjoyed thoroughly! From Mark, the model friend of Pai who instantly fell in love with his little “princess”, Wat’s little sister, Fon to the assorted aunts and uncles who were too cute and funny at times! When they went undercover as drug buying Chinese from Macau, too funny!

I also loved the fact that the only person that really came between the OTP wasn’t the fiancee/ex-fiancee but a made up character of Pai’s doing; Thong-Ake. Wat’s jealousy of Thong-Ake was so comical because we all knew that Pai/Thong-Ake were one and the same! Just imagine, the lead male being jealous of the one he loved! Very funny!

And the food! I love dramas that showcase food as part of the story. I enjoyed watching as they made the desserts but it also made me want to try every single one of them! I loved how at the end of each episode, we got a full description of Thai desserts as well as their meanings and use at different auspicious occasions. I learned a lot.

Sure, as usual, it wasn’t a perfect drama and the video quality like most dramas from before the HD period isn’t the best; however, 19 hours of fun, action and a decent drama made this marathon very enjoyable from beginning to end. I really did like it. I loved the female lead, the story and the great chemistry between not only the lead couple but the second leads as well. I loved that Pai’s character that she never changed; a tomboy to the end! That’s right, no girly transformation at the end for my girl! If you haven’t seen this one and you are a fan of the gender-bender genre dramas, this is a MUST-SEE!

MDL Rating: 9.0 for strong, kick-ass female lead that took no abuse from anyone; mafia or not!!

3 thoughts on “Thai Drama Weekend – Mae Ka Khanom Wan (2009)

  1. This drama rescued my week. I loved it. Is it perfect? No? Are there plot inconsistencies? Yes (How does Wat keep that huge mall-size house while working at the dessert shop? How has he remained so buff not being able to eat? How are people able to survive being shot so much?) But it gave me things that I have wanted for years–a strong kick-butt heroine with a strong kick-butt family. A heroine who gets to be an equal partner in the solution to the mystery and actually helps to rescue the guy for a change. It provides the best love triangle ever. It provides a second lead that I hate just enough (and actually feel a bit sorry about at the end). The male best friend is NOT harboring some secret crush on the female lead and really does love her like a brother. The only disappointing thing is that I could’ve use some real kisses. I sure wold have planted a huge one on that dimpled Wat if I got a chance, especially if he still loved me after I shot him multiple times!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Do you have a link to subbed episodes? Maybe tag me in the Chinese drama group. Thanks for the recommendation!

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