Subscribe to HBO without Cable? Looks like it Might Happen Soon

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Everyone that knows me, knows I liberated myself of cable over 3 years ago and went full streaming. The biggest issue (or things I missed) was the cable shows that I used to watch.

Sure, if you wait a year (or two), the shows might; I say might show up on Netflix or Hulu but who wants to wait. The thing I loved about Hulu is the fact the shows that a subscriber gets is on a 24 hour delay but if that feature could be subscribed to for some of the premium station, there is definitely a market out there. So, HBO will be the first. I’m quite sure with the dwindling subscribers to cable or satellite, all of the other premium providers will be looking closely to whether or not this program is a success or failure. Funny, they said the same thing about Netflix many years ago with the DVD by mail subscription. How has that been working out?

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