King’s Daughter: First anniversary of Myeong Nong’s screen debut

Hard to Believe it has Been One year!! Time for a re-watch!!


Myeong Nong Ep 10-12fTime flies by so fast! It has already been a year since we first saw Jo Hyun Jae as adult Crown Prince Myeong Nong in “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” (KDSBH)! Yes, it has been a year already.
Adult Crown Prince Myeong Nong first appeared in Episode 10 which aired on October 11, 2013, that means Myeong Nong’s screen debut had its 1st anniversary last Saturday! I was planning to make a post to celebrate the occasion, but real life got in the way, as usual. How about a delayed celebration? The beautiful posters below depict all of Myeong Nong’s scenes in Episode 10. I added the dialogues to help us on our trip down memory lane.
Watching this episode again reminded me of so much that was good in the first half of the drama. All the excitement and anticipation I felt back then came rushing back. Oh, those were happy times!

Myeong Nong Ep 51-12

The collage above shows…

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