Plex TV- Just What The Drama Watcher Ordered: More Ways To Watch!!

Well, for that price, let me introduce to you free: A media server app that allows you to stream downloaded videos seamlessly. Or capture media from the web whether it be music, video, or photos. Now if you subscribe, you can share content. I’ve subscribed and started watching all Thai lakorn dramas there that I download most of the time, and now I watch them from my TV.

Plex Apps Available
The plex uses chromecast as well as its own app (.99 on SmartTV but more on phones and tablets). I swear by it! It also plays with the subtitle files if you have them named the same as the videos; however, if you have browser capability, you just use the URL. Now all of the JDramas that I can’t find online but can find the downloads and subs, I get to watch! My drama watching has expanded!
Through the use of built in chromecast within the Plex web system, you can literally display the content from your media server to any device and television. The basic service is free whereby you use your laptop or PC as the media content server. For a subscription fee beginning at $3/month, you can utilize the “Cloud” feature provided by the Plex service. This service allows you to share outside your home with others who also subscribe. As I said, I am a subscriber now and love sharing with my “friends”. What a great way to share movies, dramas, photos as well as music with others. Another feature of Plex TV that I like is the ability through the “Plex It!” browser app to fling videos from some websites like YouTube, DailiyMotion, and others that allow the vides to be captured. If you are like me and love your SmartTV, this is a great feature! Unfortunately, this app is still only available via the Google Chrome browser only but there is future development to include Firefox and Safari.
Creating content for your media server is seamless and easy. Through the media server website and application that you download to your computer, you are able to create folders based on the content. The website information suggests that you don’t mix content, this is true. I’ve noticed that image files will not display within folders designated as movies or TV shows. I also noticed that certain video files work better under certain designations. Video extensions like .mkv, .avi display better under “Movies”. It also gives you the ability to incorporate subtitle files that are under the same directory/folder. .mp4 video files seemed to play under both “Movies” and “TV Shows”. I haven’t used the “Home videos” designation yet as I don’t have a video camera to test it with.
Once you have completed creating these folders, they display like above with the name that you provide as part of the creation. As a subscriber, you can share this libraries via PlexTV Cloud service. Again, my wishful plans for the future! Another thing I like about PlexTV is its ease of use. It is easily discoverable by but AppleTV as well as most Blu-Ray/DVD players that have the ability to pick up external media. I have a Wi-Fi Sony Blu-Ray player and the PlexTV Media server is immediately available.
Like with most services, you can rent movies and television shows paying the normal fees for the service. Again, as I have Hulu and Netflix, this is not a service that I use but it is available for those interested.

Easy to use. Easy to install. Convenient and a wonderful edition to my drama watching. I couldn’t have found out about Plex TV at a better time. Now that I have been introduced to the world of Thai Lakorn and because so many of these dramas are only available by downloading, I now can watch from my television and not be constrained to watching from my computer. I love you! If you take the time to read and learn about it, I’m sure you will love it too!!
Find out more from: Plex.TV website

For those interested, I have been amassing an extensive list of Thai and Japanese dramas. Plex has become my true friend!


7 thoughts on “Plex TV- Just What The Drama Watcher Ordered: More Ways To Watch!!

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  2. Hi I would love if you could share your server with me
    I’m a big drama fan kdrama, Thai, Chinese etc. I’m not exactly sure how to get the subs without the video actually being subbed. Do you know of any ways? Would be a big help.


    • I don’t really do KDramas as much because there are a lot of sites for that; however, Thai and some Chinese are possible. Set up an account. I’ll get you set up to see some. Especially Thai.

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