Salem Renewed for Season 2 at WGN America (2015)

Source: TVline
As I was watching all of my other favorite (and few) US television shows that have returned in the last couple of weeks, there was one missing so I had to haunt the usual websites until I found the answer. Yes! Salem is coming back! But not until 2015! Damn long wait! Word is that it is slated for April 2015. I watch so little US television but what I do watch, I am totally faithful! I cannot wait!!

The “Eeww Factor”-Reaching the Milestone Episode of 50: Cheongdamdong Scandal

Cheongdamdong Scandal Weekday Daily Drama (2014)

Cheongdamdong Scandal
Weekday Daily Drama (2014)

I never thought we would reach this milestone episode unscathed! Welcome to the world of daytime Korean drama television! The things that Korean housewives watch in the early morning when the children are off to school! I think of all of the daily dramas I’ve seen, there has only been a few morning dramas that I’ve had the privilege to see (Glass Mask was the first). I know the title of this post is got you wondering…read on.
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Plex TV- Just What The Drama Watcher Ordered: More Ways To Watch!!

Well, for that price, let me introduce to you free: A media server app that allows you to stream downloaded videos seamlessly. Or capture media from the web whether it be music, video, or photos. Now if you subscribe, you can share content. I’ve subscribed and started watching all Thai lakorn dramas there that I download most of the time, and now I watch them from my TV.
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Dramas big on video-streaming site

Dramas big on video-streaming site.
I’ve always been a lover of Asian movies as well as mini-series from all over the world. The next logical step in my revolution of TV watching made sense to be Asian dramas. I haven’t given up on US television by no means but what I watch is very specific genres: fantasy and crime; that is it. Never been a fan of reality television!! However, with 1 million subscribers, there is still a big hole when it comes to Japanese dramas. It’s time for the Japanese networks to get onboard!!

Lee Sang-yoon to star in tvN’s Liar Game Korean Version

Source: Lee Sang-yoon to star in tvN.
Well hit me with a stick and call me crazy! This was totally unexpected! I would have never picked him as a possible lead in a million years; however, if you want to peek my interest, then cast Lee Sang Yoon and I’ll be there…unless they pick the worse possible female lead ever! Good thing a couple of them are occupied in dramas and movies right now. We will see. There might be hope for this now! Okay, for now, I am in!

UPDATE: Kim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok added to the cast! Source: Soompi News

Spring/Summer 2014 J-Dramas that I have Nothing But Love for….



Alice No Toge, Border, MOZU Spring/Summer Japanese Drama Season 2014

This was the season where my Japanese drama watching exceeded my Korean drama watching for the first time since I began watching dramas 2 years ago. If you know me, this is a major fete! I think I’ve been immersed more in the Korean daily dramas than the week to week ones this year. I’ve already posted about other very good dramas in separate posts (Ashita Mama ga Inai, Tenchu-Yami no Shiokinin) and may have mentioned on twitter or Facebook watching others like Mozu 2, Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru, First Class, and Silent Poor. Yes, this is most JDrama watching I’ve EVER done! And this is just the 2014 ones!
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