Thai Lakorn Recap: La Ruk Sut Kob Fah Episode 02: Tricks

The Crown Prince (CP) is so immature! I understand him wanting to love who he wants but to put the people around him in danger, very immature. I haven’t warmed up to his character. But what is the Queen’s problem with Kamin? Is he really the bastard son of the previous King or something? What is the deal? Why all this animosity? Sadly, Hareutai is a sweetie with an evil General father. Much better episode! Poor Kamin!!

100% improvement from the last episode! A lot of action but also new questions that need to be answered in this pursuit to prevent the chosen future Queen from making her way to Raya. By her methods and probably those in descent in Raya. Great job and chemistry between Weir and Min! My first drama for both of them!

TVB and Thai Lakorns

02Picking off from the last episode, the man pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Mattana’s dad, Thammarath (Trin Settachok). Kamin (Weir Sukollawat Kanarot) pushes her dad away just in time. Kamin and Mattana (Min Pechaya Wattanamontree) chases after the man who just opened fire. Mattana chases at high speed with her car and Kamin with a motorcycle. Kamin throws a ninja star at the gunman, throwing him off his motorcycle. As Kamin and the gunman and his group member are fighting, Mattana arrives to the scene and uses a paintball gun and keeps aiming at Kamin, giving the perfect opportunity for the bad guys to make their escape. Haymon (Moo Poosana Buangam) and the police arrive to the scene and arrest Kamin.

At the police station, Kamin is unable to provide proof that he is a news reporter as he had claimed to be. Mattana keeps insisting he…

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