Thai Lakorn Drama Review: 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao Series (2010)

English Title 4 Hearts of the Mountains consisting of :
Thara Himalai
Duang Jai Akkanee
Wayupak Montra
Pathapee Leh Ruk

This drama series was about a set of Adisuanrangsan Farm quadruplets, 3 boys and one girl: Din, Nam, Fai, and Lom. Originally based on a book series, the drama series totaled 31 episodes. Like most series, you got to see the other actors briefly as part of each drama. I find I love these series the most. This was my first series to complete and contains one of my favorite Thai lakorn dramas to date.
MDL Rating refers to MyDramaList website

Thara Himalai (2010)
(Thara’s Himalaya)

Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Prince Phuwanate
Kimberly Ann Voltemas as Thipthara (Nam)
Kong Sorawit Suboon as Dr. Nat
Maneerat Kumoun (Ae) as Preeyanuch (Pam)
Mawin Taweepol as Rajiv
Tao Adisorn Athakrit as Warun

Fate leads Doctor Thipthara, or Nam, the youngest and only daughter of the quadruplets of the Adisuanrangsan Farm to meet and fall in love with Phuwanet. However, Nam believes that Phuwanet is just a worker on her farm although his real identity is that of the Crown Prince of Parawat. In an assassination attempt, Phuwanet was injured and was then sent to the hospital in which Nam became his attending doctor. In order to remain safe, Phuwanet faked memory loss. Nam is then faced with the struggle of loving Phuwanet and trusting that his love for her is also real because he is a Prince and she is only a doctor from the rural side of Thailand.
Running Time: 8 episodes, 90 min

My Thoughts
This drama was pretty damn good. I was very surprised as this was one of the first Thai lakorn dramas that I watched. I fell for Aum and his portrayal of the Prince. He was fantastic and compelling. Kimberly as the youngest and over protected sister Nam was a perfect match and had great chemistry with Aum throughout the drama. The story was interesting as it had just enough intrigue and suspense for me while not weighing down the romance with unnecessary drama. This was a romance between two people of different classes that made sense: One royalty and the other just an ordinary, successful woman. Good drama. I highly recommend.
MDL Rating: 8.5 for a good story and romance

Duang Jai Akkanee (2010)
(Akkanee’s Heart)

Nadech Kugimiya as Akanee (Fai)
Urassaya Sperbund as Ajjima (Jeed)
Sumonthip Leungutai (Kubkib) as Milk (Mew)
San Panomkorn Tungtatsawat as Kraipope
Golf Benjapol Cheuyaroon as Sak
Boy Chokchai Boonworametee as Sila
Nam Ronadech Wongsaroj as Preuk
Running Time: 10 episodes, 90 min

Destined to become enemies due to the rivalry beginning from their parent’s generation, Akkanee (Fai) and Ajjima (Jeed) can never seem to get along. They were once friend, but ever since something happen, those 2 family never got along and always try to compete each other at everything. On the contrary, Heaven seemed to have other plans for them. After an unforgettable misunderstanding and the rivalry between the two families, their lives were forever intertwined.
The flowers will start to blossom, but can Fai and Jeed destroy the white fence that is dividing their lands and families?
Will Thailand’s Romeo and Juliet have a happy ending?
Running Time: 10 episodes, 90 min

My Thoughts
Affectionately known as Yadech to the fans and I am one of them, this was my first (and definitely not last) Nadech and Yaya drama. The chemistry between these two is palpable as you watch them on the screen. This was something that you immediately see and for both to be so young at the time (19 and 17 years old), they were consummate actors and gave a wonderful performance. The fights between these two were funny! I loved how Jeed gave as much as Fai did when it came to love as well as hate. As I don’t care for annoying characters, I admit that every time Milk was on the screen, I would conveniently fast forward through her scenes. But don’t let that take away too much from the drama because overall, it was a good story. Good story; great romance!
MDL Rating: 8.0

Pathapee Leh Ruk (2010)
(Pathapee’s Love Trick)

Prin Suparat as Pathapee/Din
Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong as Cha-aim/Cher-aim
Kik Danai Jarujinda as Natee
Jessie Jessica Pasaphan as RungArun Krunkafae/Oliang
Ton Jakkrit Ammarat as Moke
Pang Panchanida Seesaamram as Sonchat/Pine
Running Time: 7 episodes, 90 min

Pathapee, the owner of Thararin Resort has to confront with the trouble maker, Cha-em, a cunning girl who plans to make trouble in his resort. Cha-em is on a mission to destroy Pathapee’s resort because Pathapee had hurt Cha-em’s parents in the past. They quarrel and conspire behind each other’s backs to win the upper hand against the other’s resort. Along the way, they find that they have an ever growing attraction for each other and can’t decide what is more important, the resort or their love?

My Thoughts
This was my least favorite of the series and definitely my least favorite character played by Mint. I found her character of Cher-aim to be annoying and unjustified in her pursuit of revenge against Din and the winery. It made no sense whatsoever and to make matters worse, his forgiveness of her at every turn made him seem weak and pathetic in my eyes. When she finally came to her senses and abandoned her stupid revenge, the story definitely got better. Prin as Din was okay. This was the weakest of the series but it entertained me enough to see how far Cher-aim would go and just how much would he forgive? Everything it seems. I suggest it only for those who want to complete the series.
MDL Rating: 7 and I was being generous

Wayupak Montra (2010)
Wayupak’s Enchantment

Boy Pakorn Chatborirak as Wayupak/Lom
Margie Rasri Balenciaga as Thichakorn/Kati
Peemai Sumonrat Wattanaselarat as Patchanee/Mink
Treepon Pormsuwan (Tob) as Panu
Alexandra Stebert as Songtal
Prae Supitcha Mongkoljittanon as Ruk
Peterpan Tatsapon Wiwitawan as Yom
Suchao Pongwilai as Krairit
Pawinar Chaleewsakul as Thip
Running Time: 7 episodes, 90 min

Thichakorn is the Romance novel writer with the pen name “Humming Bird” and she’s also the daughter of the sorcerer. She decides to go to research for her new novel in the vineyard. She has never thought that her fate will be changed when meets Wayupak, a playboy and the owner of Sailom vineyard though it’s the terrible first meeting between them. Thichakorn has sixth sense and she sees that Wayupak has a female spirit who keeps following him everywhere, so she tries to tell him, but he doesn’t believe her. In Wayupak’s thought, Thichakorn is a nonsense and meddlesome girl. But he doesn’t know since when she has been in his heart and he can’t let her go.

My Thoughts
Evil spirits and possession can even make a dull story seem interesting plus add goofy side characters and you add to the enjoyment factor. Unfortunately another Margie character to not remember favorably. I haven’t quite decided if I just don’t like her acting or I blame the director in his directions. Boy as Lom was a little more passible. As I said the ghost and the possessions definitely made this story more entertaining. Again, any recommendations are simply to end the series. Nothing more.
MDL Rating: 7, because I like the ghost!

Overall, this is a good series to watch. Some of the dramas are definitely better than others and because of that, it makes up for the ones that lack substance.

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