Once Again, A Remake I’m SO Looking Forward to: Westworld coming to HBO

Source: Screen Rant

I know! I know! I constantly talk about how I do not like remakes but this is one I am actually looking forward to. The movie, Westworld circa 1973 by the late and great director and writer, Michael Crichton was one of my favorite movies growing up. Mr Crichton was a great writer and is the sole one responsible for my total fascination with medical dramas and movies to this day. I read so many of his books back in the day from my first being The Andromeda Strain to the last one I read was Congo. I think I’ve seen every single movie to book that was made by this great author. He is truly missed.

The original Westworld had a stellar cast and it truly started my great love for Science Fiction and fantasy movies. This movie and the subsequent Futureworld were the two last movies that I saw of the great and charismatic actor, Yul Brenner made. I was a big fan of his going back to The King and I as well as The Ten Commandments days. Boy, those were the days of great movies!

Casting so far includes:

Jeffrey Wright (“Boardwalk Empire”), Rodrigo Santoro (“LOST”), Shannon Woodward (“Raising Hope”), Ingrid Bolso Berdal (Hercules), Angela Sarafyan (The Good Guys) and Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside). These actors will be starring alongside the great Sir Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood who were cast earlier.
Read more at comicbookmovie.com

Read more: HBO Adds Six More to the Cast of Westworld – ComingSoon.net

If you need a reminder of what Westworld was about, here’s the trailer from the original:

Special thanks to my fellow science fiction lover on twitter, scifiwritir for bringing it to my attention. I’m feeling all nostalgic now. Must find Westworld!!

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