JDrama Weekend – Tenchu-Yami no Shiokinin (2014)


Ono Yuriko as Sana
Izumi Pinko as Murata Seiko
Kyomoto Masaki as Matsuda Ryuji
Yanagisawa Shingo as Yamaki Shin
Mitsuya Yuji as Tojo Mitsuko
Shimada Kyusaku as Judo Jukichi
Takezai Terunosuke as Ichinose Daiwa
Nogi Ryusuke as Murata Takero
Shiraishi Miho as Murata Kyoko
Aoi Wakana as Murata Kanako
Washio Machiko as Sanpei Yayoi

Running Time: 8 episodes, 57 min.
Release Date: Jan 24, 2014 to Mar 14, 2014

Sana/Yuriko Ono saves a bystander in a crowd who became hostage to a mad-man wielding a cooking knife. Sana has no where to go to, Seiko Murata/Pinko Izumi takes her home to her house to show her hospitality. Sana hasn’t seen a modern toilet and doesn’t know how to use it. Seiko teachers her how, and also day to day duties. Sana has this “Justice” mentality: There are too many unforgivable people in this world, and she vows to defeat them in the name of God

My Thoughts
Thanks to my twitter buddy, Young_Ajummah, I wouldn’t even known that this was on Dramafever. Another good buddy, Russ had suggested it but I just hadn’t gotten around to you because I avoid Gooddrama website like the plague! But I must say, I absolutely loved this drama!

The action scenes were well orchestrated and convincing! The stories were fun to watch and at the end managed to bring tears to your eyes. This was my first drama with Ono Yuriko (Saikou no Rikon is on my PTW list), pretty much the entire cast was a first time experience for me.

I enjoyed all of the characters from cross-dressing Mitsuko who you couldn’t help BUT love to Teacher Matsuda. We also cannot begin or end this story without the grandmas; especially Masako Murata. It was by her words of “Tenchuu” that commanded the team to act.

I thought the stories were well thought of and put together. I was worried that the story of Yuriki would not be presented well or even dragged out but it wasn’t. My only complaint was there wasn’t enough explanation as to why Sana was transported to the future. Was it to solve Yuriki’s murder as she looked like her sister, Yu so much? Was it the plan of the heavens for her to continue her quest for justice? We are not really sure but one thing for sure, the ending left it open for a season 2 which I highly approve. The episodes go really fast as we completed the drama in one day. So in the words of Sana and whether you should watch this, just say: “I accept”


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