New to KBSWorld YouTube!!

Exciting news for those who can’t find these dramas or just can’t access in your country. These dramas will be (or have already) started on YouTube with subtitles in English, Chinese and in one case Malay!!

Trot Lovers aka Lovers of Music
Premiere: 2014 July 7, with English subtitle. It stars Ji Hyun Woo, Jeong Eun Ji(A Pink), Shin Seong Rok,and Lee Si Yeong

Dream High 2
Begins airing on 2014 August 4, with English, Chinese, and Malay subtitles. It stars Kang SoRa, Jeong Jin Wun(2AM), Ji Yeon(T-ara), Hyo Lyn(SISTAR), Ga Hee(AfterSchool),JB(GOT7), Jr.(GOT7)

My Dear Cat
Premiered 2014 June 23, with English & Chinese subtitles. It stars Hyun Woo, Choi Yoon Yeong, Jun Hyo seong(SECRET), and Choi Min

Also on YouTube currently:
Two Mothers-A total revenge story about a woman who becomes the surrogate mother of the woman who drove her brother to death. Lee Hwa Young’s older brother dies because of a woman he loved. She decides to take revenge on Baek Yun Hee who is responsible for her brother’s death.

Ruby Ring-Ruby and Runa are twin sisters, whose characters are the opposite of each other. Ruby is the good and loving girl whose fiancé is Gyeong Min while Runa is selfish and a gold-digger. They come to live each others’ life after their faces were swapped by a car accident.

Now if SBS would follow suit and start subbing one of their dailies (Only Love) I’d really be happy!!

2 thoughts on “New to KBSWorld YouTube!!

  1. KBS World doesn’t upload dramas like “Trot Lovers” or “Dream High” on youtube, they upload daily dramas and family dramas only. ^ ^

    • This is coming from KBSWorld directly. I didn’t say DH 1 but DH 2. Their YT website is where I got this information. If you follow the previews to YouTube, you will see the information in the “About”. I didn’t make this up.

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