Seo Hyun Jin cast in the Upcoming “The Three Musketeers” on tVN

Seo Hyeon-jin to star in “The Three Musketeers – Drama”? (via

Actress Seo Hyeon-jin is considering the offer she received for the new tvN drama “The Three Musketeers – Drama”. According to her agency, she’s been offered the role of Queen Kang Bin. “The Three Musketeers – Drama” is based in the Joseon times about…

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Thoughts on ‘Sageuk (historical drama)’

Excellent post for us Saguek watchers out there! That’s me!!

Stuck on Hyuk

So there was this discussion going on my twitter timeline, and I got frustrated with twitter 140 character limit. So here it goes. About ‘Sageuk’


What it literally means: It literally means ‘historical drama.’ ‘Sa’ for history, ‘geuk’ for drama.

How it is actually used: Basically, you see a K-drama and guys have long hair, and people are wearing somewhat colorful clothes, and people wield swords around, and people die a lot, and there’s class difference, and…ok I’ll stop.

Anything ancient-ish looking is called sageuk in K-drama world these days.

DF mentioned she’s reading stuffs about historical fiction, period drama, costume drama, etc. But they are all called sageuk, lol. I hate it, but that’s how people use the term, and language follows the way people use whether you like it or not. So I guess I’ll have to just accept the fact that they are just allll called sageuk, and will…

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You’re All Surrounded – Episode 9

Yes, love is in the air (more or less)! More of the same, and some new reveals.
You’re All Surrounded episode recap

Real life gets you down and you forget to submit your posts! This was a good episode as a lot of secrets were reveal and thank you, writer-nim for not waiting another 10 episodes before Seo and Soo Sun figured out who Dae Gu was! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!