Coming to America? Via Hollywood? Ha Ji-Won possibly in talks with 20th Century Fox Studios

With the current Korean boom and recognition of several Korean actors lately, Hollywood as well as actress Ha Ji-won is considering joining the ranks of Korean actors to grace the US movie screens.

It was reported that Ha Ji-won was in California for 22 days, according to the entertainment industry on Tuesday (May 14) visiting Hollywood major studios in Los Angeles, 20th Century Fox, and visiting the Fox president. Ha Ji-won attended this meeting to discuss her entrance into Hollywood, with a sequel of the movie. No more details are available said representatives of Ha Ji-won’s agency. There is just hope to enter “Ha Ji-won in the global market with her excellent acting skills and work has been evaluated and a high attention is being paid” said the representative.

Ha Ji-won previous works include the drama ‘Damo’ and ‘The Secret Garden’, the movie ‘The Huntresses’; ‘Korean Charlie’s Angels’ and the actress in Korea through such action has been shown her unique talent in ‘Hwang Jin Yi’, ‘Bali ‘, the movie ‘My love by my side’, and the sensitivity of deep acting and the ability to captivate the audience. In particular, ‘Bali’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won, and the Fox president were seen at the LA Dodgers Stadium, and met with Ryu Hyeon Jin who is also preparing for a comeback after a visit to the rehabilitation. The impressive rankings for the drama that ended last month, the MBC ‘Empress Ki’ ratings has increased the probability of success for Ha Ji-won.

Source: News Naver


3 thoughts on “Coming to America? Via Hollywood? Ha Ji-Won possibly in talks with 20th Century Fox Studios

  1. I have been trying to get Ji-won to take the role that I believe she was approached with. She has UTA as her agency in Beverly Hills to help her in the U.S. I think she is satisfied with what she is doing in Korea and may not be eager to land a role here in the U.S. She still has what it takes, she just has to convince herself first.

    1. Or it’s fear of failing. Who knows! I wish she’d take the leap. She is talented and really could reach an even bigger audience like Bae Doo Na and Lee Byung Hun are doing now. Kind of sad to limit yourself when you are given an opportunity.

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