Jo Seung-Woo? Glad Everyone Saw the Brilliance I Already Knew!

It was funny for me to watch the tweets go by as people were raving left and right about Jo Seung-Woo (Cho Seung Woo) as he played brilliantly the character of Ki Dong Chan in God’s Gift-14 Days. I remember many, many times just chuckling as I read because I couldn’t believe that no one knew about him. I was utterly amazed!

I remember the first time that I ever saw Seung-Woo was in a film called “H” from 2002. In that role, he played a serial killer along with Ji Jin-hee. He was simply amazing! Amazing! And at the time, only 21 years old. As I had watched the movie specifically for Ji Jin-hee, I became totally fascinated with Seung-Woo but alas, I saw that he didn’t do dramas at time.

The next movie, The Classic, I was able to see had been on my watch list forever but once I read the review on, I simply had to see it. As most of you know, I am not a big fan of the romances; however, this simple, 2002 movie blew me away. The romance was simple and sweet and the story; while somewhat complicated at times, was a wonderful and heartfelt experience that I truly remember well.

And then I simply forgot about my Seung-Woo. I still had several of his movies to watch but just hadn’t gotten around to them. But it took the announcement of him starring in his first ever drama with none other than Lee Yo Won in Horse Doctor (Horse Healer) in 2012 to have me running back towards him.

Horse Doctor wasn’t the best of the best but it wasn’t because of the acting! I felt the acting was stellar but the story suffered a little because of repetitiveness but then that happens a lot in historical dramas by-the-by. But one thing Horse Doctor reminded me was what a great actor Seung-Woo was and so I returned to watching his movies once again.

During Sports theme month last year, I watched and reviewed Marathon which featured Seung-Woo playing an autistic man who goes onto running several long distance marathons with the encouragement from his mother.

Love Phobia, a nice little 2006 romance which also starred Kang Hye-jeong as the love interest. Again, it was a cute and quirky story about two people that fall in love but the girl keeps disappearing on him.

While watching Go Go 70s, I learned that not only he can sing but also Shin Min Ah who also starred in the same period movie that takes places during the 70s in S. Korea when even long hair and short skirts were jailing offenses. Good movie, hard to find though. So I wasn’t at all surprised when he sung and played the guitar in God’s Gift as I seen him do it before!

The funny thing about The Sword With No Name, this movie had been on my Netflix AND Hulu queues for a very long time and I never watched them. Once I finally saw the movie that also starred Soo Ae, I couldn’t understand why I never watched it before. This man was made for historical movies/dramas! I wish he does more of them in the future.

So admittedly, I was one of the last people to watch God’s Gift-14 Days. With this being only Seung-Woo’s second drama, I had made a conscious decision to wait until it ended. This was one drama I really didn’t want to watch week to week. And as I read the tweets and with everyone’s anticipation for the next episodes, I’m glad I did. As I watched, I kept thinking that the drama reminded me of movies I’d seen before. I finally was reminded by others of Premonition (with Sandra Bullock) and The Butterfly Effect (with Ashton Kucher). I swear there is a third movie in there but I haven’t thought of it yet. It will come to my mind when I least expect it. Even though others didn’t care for the ending, my biggest beef was with its abruptness. One minute they are looking over the lake and then BAM it is over! I’ve been told to watch the special episode for the alternate ending. As of yet, I still haven’t watched that episode 17. But regardless of what others might say, I still contend that it was a pretty decent drama! As long as you get past some of the happenings, and a few other things I won’t name, it is damn good entertainment!

Most recently, because I was missing Seung-Woo so much after God’s Gift, I finally watched his first movie ever, Chunhyang. This movie took me by surprise for two reasons:
1. Seung-Woo was 19 years old when this was filmed.
2. The story was surprisingly good once you forgot about the nudity. As I stated in my review (see Movie Sunday), the nudity wasn’t just for the sake of nudity, it was a part of the story. Again, a decent performance by a very young and new actor Jo Seung-Woo.

So what’s next for my Jo Seung-Woo? He is currently starring in a musical called ‘Hedwig’. The show will be held at the Baekam Art Hall which started on May 13th. With God’s Gift recently ending, my man barely took a break. Here’s hoping he rests up well and again return to drama again!! The man is a consummate actor and can well act in ANYTHING!!

Here are some of his movies I’ve yet to see (or find):
2012 The Peach Tree
2011 Perfect Game
2006 Tazza: The High Rollers
2004 Low Life
2002 Who Are You?
2001 Wanee and Junah
2001 Ahmijimong

18 thoughts on “Jo Seung-Woo? Glad Everyone Saw the Brilliance I Already Knew!

  1. I should say that I’m one of those people who just knew this brilliant actor after I watched GG14D. Try to catch up with all his movies now. If Yeon Jung Hoon knows about this, he might feel betrayed by me. kkk ;p

  2. I will add myself to the list of ppl who also did not know about him *hangs head in shame* before God’s Gift 14 Days. His performance completely blew me away and I fell in love with his character. I think he deserves all the attention he is getting. I look forward to seeing him in his next project and I need to check out his other work.

  3. Seriously, I’m more than surprised that I only discovered Jo Seungwoo in God’s Gift 14 Days! One of my biggest dreams these days is to see Jo Seungwoo to act alongside with Kang Dongwon and to watch Jo Seungwoo’s musicals. I’ve fell in love with Kang Dongwon ever since I watched him in Maundy Thursday and respected him a lot as an actor. And Jo Seungwoo is like the only actor I could really respect and deeply in love with their acting styles after Kang Dongwon.! Well, if talking about favourite actors, there’s a long list but the two are the greatest and magical seriously. 😀

  4. well i am the latest one here to know about him. Gee.. where were I? I just watched the classic last night, and here I am, checking every spot talks about him now. I was so impressed with his ability to make me smile while he smiles and cry when he cries. I cried hard with Jo hee at the river bank. T_T
    Im downloading chunhyang hopefully I’ll watch it after this. I rambled every sites talk about him. I want to ask what is his best movie, but I guess you’ll say “all of it!”
    so I decided to ask ” whether any site that you recommended that I should visit to end my quest for his works?

    • Welcome to the family! Better late than never. You’ll find a movie here and there. Some aren’t easy to find. I’ve watched all 3 of his dramas and a boatload of his movies. His first movie, if you can find it Chunhyang was good! H is also good! Dramacools have a few and also check Netflix.

    • Your not the alone…
      I was found him about two weeks ago and he blew me away..
      I didn’t recognize him at all when I trying to watch Gods gift after I watched Stranger.
      Could you tell me where I can Watch H and low life?

  5. Hello! new fan here after “Stranger” and ashamed to only discovery now and i already watched all his works (i meaning still has some movies and his fisrt kdrama). he’s so talent and like you said ” pretty much ignored by the entertainment industry”.

    i was mesmerized how he changes work after work. i barely recognize him.

    i wonder if now he wants be more popular. he took a 3y leave from musical to focus in movies. or he does not want be more popular just rest and choose the right play.

    he’s so talent and stil does not play much the game. the llittle i know about him it’s that he’s like a outsider in the industry. only 3 kdramas, a selected movies and lots of musical which was always his dream.

    i wonder if now he add a new career perspective.

    sorry for the long rant.

    • I would love the opportunity to see him in a play. He really is versatile and talented! Sings, plays instruments and can act! I really hope he does a saguek again! Hopefully he won’t disappear back to the stage for too long like last time!

  6. After noticing at Stranger, I followed his films! The classic was really sad and seung woo made me so sad. I also watched tazza, it was so good. Seung woo is so beautiful and attractive. I will go on to watch god’s gift! Can’ wait to see his forecoming movie in 2018.

  7. Im korean but I just noticed jsw is such a good actor by watching Stranger. I have known that he is a good actor from tazza-the classic-marathon since that were such a huge hit back then, and jsw was top acknowledged actor among other actors in his age. But due to his long long leave to musical industry in his 30s, I forgot and I think many people forgot.. I know he loves musicals and being on stage but so happy that he returned to do more films and hopefully more dramas.

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