My First Drama Crack for 2014? ~~ Golden Cross

Golden Cross Wed-Thu
Golden Cross


This drama wasn’t one of my highly anticipated dramas for 2014. However, the leading man and woman; Kim Kang Woo as Kang Do Yun and Lee Si Young as Seo Yi Re guaranteed that I was definitely watching this.

Little did I know that I would watch ep 1 and 4 hours later, I would have sat and watched every episode available. I was totally surprised; no shocked; no pleasantly pleased with the events. In those first 4 hours, the pace and the events that happened in the drama literally had me riveted to my seat!
I admit that this is not a drama for every body. The intrigue will be intense. The sheer volume and list of antagonists is just going to grow. Within the first 4 hours, I’ve amassed a list of a total of 5 (so far) people to my proverbial “hit list”:
Jung Bo Suk as Seo Dong Ha–I was reading a comment on Facebook and the poster was saying how mean he is, so far. I see a man of privilege using what he has available and who he has; nothing compared to his character in Giant but definitely a sick, sick puppy.
Kim Gyu Chul as Park Hee-Seo– this actor always plays these characters that you immediately hate with a passion. As Attorney Park who works closely with “Golden Cross”; an elite group of the top 1% consisting of the rich and affluent in South Korea, he does what he needs to and doesn’t care how he gets it done.

Jo Deok Hyeon as Kwak Dae-Soo– a Detective who isn’t on the screen more than 5 minutes and you hate the man!! Don’t let that smile fool you!

Han Eun Jeong as Hong Se Ra– as President Hong, her part in what happens to Kang Do Yun’s sister is simply unforgivable! I think more on her character and purpose is yet to come.

Uhm Ki Joon as Michael Jang– the man behind the woman, President Hong. It was his plan that set this whole thing in motion. Again, we are only in the infancy of this drama so we really don’t know his reasons but I personally cannot forgive.

I don’t know what it is about this drama that has drawn me in so deeply. Is it the pace? I contend that those 4 hours went by very quickly. The acting? Kim Kang Woo is doing an excellent job so far. His character portrayal of Kang Do Yun is so unsympathic to his father’s plight in the beginning, even you will want to reach into the screen and slap him.
The sister, Kang Ha Yoon (Seo Min Ji), her naivety and simple minded belief in people is sad but I imagine a lot of young girls are swept into these situations all of the time in the hopes of fame and fortune; we just don’t hear about it.

The father, Kang Joo Wan (Lee Dae Yeon), was simply a man set up from the beginning. The wherefore and why hasn’t been established yet. But I am dying to know the reason behind him and his family being used like this.

Overall, I am definitely getting the Empire of Gold vibes; not because the stories are similar in nature; no that isn’t it. I think it is basically the intrigue and suspense that is being generated. While I was sitting and watching, the “tingling” sensation began which signals just how intense and into the drama I’m being drawn. I love these type of dramas!! Romance? Don’t count on it. Based on the circumstances, I’m not sure this is a romance at all. Unlike Beyond the Clouds where the leads have a modicum of change for love, these two? I would be really surprised.

Golden Cross is current playing Wednesdays and Thursdays. Most streaming websites have it to include Viki and Dramafever as well as Hulu.

I still have a love for this drama simply because I never watched the last two episodes that from everyone’s estimation totally ruined the other 18 episodes. So, I’d say watch the first 18 and stop. Up until that point, the drama is good!


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