Upcoming Dramas for this Week in April, 2014

Dramas for April 2014
Dramas for April 2014

Here is just some of the latest dramas that have come out this past weekend and for this week. Some I’m planning on watching; some I’m probably going to skip. But what is coming out pretty much covers every genre from melodrama to crime; from romance to family.


Weekend Dramas

Angel’s Eyes, Hotel King, and Jang Bo Ri is Here. I’ve officially sworn off weekend dramas for awhile. I might check out Angel’s Eyes but I’ll wait for everyone’s opinion first. Golden Rainbow is the last time I’ll be burned watching a drama week to week! Conflicting episode counts for Hotel King. One website says 50 while another says 32. As I am not a big Lee Da Hae fan and 32 (or 50) episodes of Lee Dong Wook might be too daunting even for me. Angel’s Eyes will be 20 episodes  while Jang Bo Ri will be 50.

Mon-Tue Drama
Mon-Tue Drama

I know, another noona romance; however, this will be the first one I plan on watching as I haven’t watched any of the others yet (Secret Love Affair is still a maybe). I’m a big fan of Uhm Jung-Hwa (affectionately referred to me as UhmFForce) so it wasn’t a stretch for me to immediately be drawn to Witch’s RomancePark Seo Joon was actually good in I Summon You Gold!, so I’m looking forward to him being the romantic lead. This is slated for 16 episodes.

Wed-Thu Drama

Three words: Lee Si Young. This is the main reason I will even consider this drama. I do like the rest of the male cast of Kim Kang Woo and Uhm Ki Joon but she is the real reason I would even consider Golden Cross. I’m one of the few people that liked Wild Romance and I love her movies! When will I start? Not sure. I’ll probably wait a couple of weeks. This drama will be for 20 episodes.

Fri, Sat Drama
Fri, Sat Drama

tVN is bringing us what I hope will be my latest crack drama for 2014. GapDong will definitely be an interesting ride. I find that the cable dramas tend to be dark and dreary, just what I like. Especially looking forward to Yoon Sang-hyeon and Lee Joon as the murderer. It should be interesting. This is slated for 20 episodes.

Fri Drama
Fri Drama

TV Chosun is bringing us another period drama, Into the Flames which takes place during the 60s and 70s. Into the Flame looks like it will be similar to Empire of Gold (which I loved). The big draw for me is Ryoo Jin. I have only seen Choi Soo-jong in movies. We will be lucky to find this subbed as it doesn’t have any big idols or super popular actors. But I’ll hold out hope!

Other dramas I’m looking forward that are not KDramas: Bitter Blood and Fall in Love With Me

Bitter Blood

As these tend to be one episode a week, it will be awhile before I actually watch these (1 ep a week is a KILLER). Bitter Blood will probably be 11 episodes which is usually the norm for JDrama while Fall in Love With Me will be 23 episodes. I imagine it will be weeks before I watch either of these but it is definitely on the top of my PTW list.

There are several other dramas slated for this month. I’ll talk about those in the weeks to come.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Dramas for this Week in April, 2014

  1. I am SO looking forward to Memories of Murder! But TvN has given me Shut Up Flower Boy Band and The Genius Game, so even if they blow Gapdong I will try to be forgiving…
    Lee Si Young is badass… I wonder if she is still boxing

    1. Yes, tVN hasn’t disappointed me in awhile so I am really looking forward to GapDong. LSY is still boxing but she didn’t make the last team competition. Probably because of this drama.

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