Sun-ye of Wonder Girls to go on Mission in Haiti

Wonder Girls’ Sun-ye to go to Haiti for 5 years

Min Sun-ye of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls announced yesterday that she plans to head to Haiti to serve as a missionary in July. She said that she plans to spend the next five years in the Caribbean country with her husband and her young daughter. “Throughout my seven-year journey as a pop star, I was able to experience a lot of things that helped shape who I am today”, Min noted in her goodbye message on her fan site.

“However, the week I spent in Haiti [in 2011] changed the whole view of my life. As I saw young Haitian children suffering from poverty, I was embarrassed at myself, solely immersed in achieving my own success as an entertainer”, the 24-year-old singer said.

After the catastrophic Haitian earthquake in 2010, Min went there to volunteer with other volunteers from her church. During that stay, she met the Korean-Canadian missionary James Park, who she married in 2013.  On the website, Min said she intended to establish a Christian nongovernmental organization.

But the Wonder Girls management, JYP Entertainment, still denies this is the end of the popular girl group.  “Though Sun-ye is going to Haiti, that doesn’t mean Wonder Girls is disbanding”, the agency said in a statement.

By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer

My Thoughts: I know, you are wondering why I am writing about this as I don’t know Wonder Girls from Sistar or any other K-Pop group. However, this is amazing! For a young woman, in the middle of her career to selflessly give it up to do missionary work deserves as much attention as possible. Sure, we have young men and women volunteer for missionary work all over the world and of different faiths. I always applaud missionary work because it requires tremendous sacrifice for the person as well as their family. But to do this with her entire family and young daughter? To Haiti? A country experiencing tremendous hardships and suffering? Truly amazing!

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