Park Jin-hee in MBC "Triangle – Drama" as profiler with Lee Beom Soo (Mini-Giant Reunion?)

Park Jin-hee Returns to Drama in MBC “Triangle – Drama”

Actress Park Jin-hee is starring in the MBC drama “Triangle – Drama”. Her role of the profiler is a connection to Jang Dong-soo, the first detective of the three brothers acted out by Lee Beom-soo. She was specially employed by the police department. As important as any male in the drama, Park Jin-hee has many ties with the staff on this drama.
“Triangle – Drama” is written by Choi Wan-gyoo from last year’s MBC drama “Guam Heo Jun” and produced by Yoo Yong-cheol. This is also the first reunion with Lee Beom-soo since the SBS drama “Giant” 4 years ago. It also appears that the writer has a unique affection for Park Jin-hee.

“Triangle – Drama” is about three brothers who get parted young and meet again as grown-ups. Lee Beom-soo and Si Wan are the eldest and youngest of the brothers and Song Seung-heon is a likely candidate for the second.

SourceNews.donga and Hancinema

My Thoughts: I’m a big fan of Park Jin-hee so this will be my 4 or 5th drama that I’ve watched of hers. Of course Choi Wan-gyoo already has me as a fan from GuAm Heo Jun last year, my 2nd ever daily drama (thanks Hulu)! Add to this, Lee Beom Soo (does the man ever rest), I am definitely adding this to my Plan to Watch list! How about you?

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