Drama News: You’re Surrounded

Lee Seung-gi and Cha Seung-won to star in “You’re Surrounded”

Source: News.Nate and Hancinema
Actor Cha Seung-won and Lee Seung-gi are starring in the new SBS drama “You’re Surrounded”.
Contracts are being signed and first meet-ups are being settled by this week.

Cha Seung-won is coming back with a drama for the first time in 3 years since the 2011 MBC drama “The Greatest Love”. Lee Seung-gi starred in the MBC drama “Gu Family Book” last year. The female star is likely to be Park Min-yeong.

“You’re Surrounded” is a 20-part romance drama about four rookie detectives running for their dream and becoming righteous keepers of the law. It is written by Lee Jeong-seon from the KBS drama “Ojak Brothers” and produced by Yoo In-sik from “Salaryman”.

My Thoughts: Well it is definitely the male cast that will have me running to watch this drama weekly. Unlike everyone else, Gu Family Book just didn’t click with me but King 2Hearts left me well satisfied. And Cha Seung-won, with all of his family issues, hasn’t been on the screen in awhile so I can only be happy to see him return again! Again. no thoughts on Park Min-Yeong, I’m just not a fan. But with the writer from Ojakgyo Brothers also gives me hope!


2 thoughts on “Drama News: You’re Surrounded

  1. Be I soo agree with you about GU family and King2Hearts. MGIAG is my all time favorite LSG drama, then K2H. I was so excited for GU family, but it fell flat for me too. I didn't feel ANY chemistry between LSG and Suzy at all. LSG's cameo in Greatest Love was so cute. I'm excited to see these two together again.

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